Saturday, June 30, 2012

ZTE V880 (Blade) CM7 ROM a super-stable chinese version

This ROM is the latest official version of Cyanogenmod V7 a stable version for ZTE (V880) for a chinese language, that added the Sense-style interface, customization made to maintain the stability of the second edition and it's fast.

Sense 3.0 update contents;

This version has been customize and modified based on the latest version of the official Cyanogenmod V7.

1. Streamlining of redundant and useless software and procedures to maintain the usual features without using the large memory to run (the largest free memory is up to 80mb).
2. Added the optional location of the installation.
3. Add to ING, any massive software you download.
4. Several commonly used software add commonly used shutdown restart, re: Explorer.
5. Added Sense interface. HTC clock, that you can locate the updated weather.
6. Integrated Google services, and better game compatibility.
7, Changing the native camera, using 360 cameras which you can replace by yourself.
8. Remove the native calculator, integrating into more powerful scientific calculator.
9. Integrated with Sony image to increase the patch, the display is outstanding.
10. New ROOT rights management software, is the latest SurperSUV0.92 finished version, perfect finished the FC.
11. Added a Dolby sound, adding DSP effects, that you can enable it all.
12, Superb power of music box that replaces the native music player, sound quality is super strong.
13. The individual test uses sound quality is so perfect, that doesn't break the sound.
14. New version of headset icon.
15. Added auto/car mode, that gives you driving convenient experience.
16. The finished version of the CM is set to add, That super Do-it-Yourself features is great to be taken advantage.
17. Adderd on this version is the Advanced Settings function which is very powerful.
18. Integrated Ya Yuan font which is very nice.


Want to have this perfect experience, and want to download or have this settings?

Well, you can import this settings by downloading the attachment and save it on the memory card root directory.


Then the on desktop, press the Menu key (MENU), select Preferences - pulled to the bottom, select the - restore backup.

Enjoy your new settings!

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Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only, neither we nor the developers should be held responsible if your phone bricked or damaged by following this steps.

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