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Samsung Bada 2.0 - S8500XXKK5/S8530OXXKK5 (Kies Version)

Update : S8530XXKK5_S8530OXAKK5_XEF Links available for download

For download link see below

Come out from nowhere without some hype a new Bada 2.0 Rom is out for S8500 & the version is S8500XXKK5/S8500OXAKK5.This is a Kies Version downloaded using CheckFusDownloader 2.0.
According to samfirmware it´s official downloaded via kies test mode, not beta. So its the official firmware which samsung is soon to release in Europe.

Available Changelogs
  • FOTA available (after flash direclty update to XXKKV
  • Samsung Apps 1.1.8 installed like on Wave 3
  • Good Performance and Multitasking
  • 875mhz tact in standby
  • keyboard dark again
  • no FB and twitter integrated
  • more ram available ( from 68 to 75 mb)
  • chaton between android and bada

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Facebook Mobile Phone

In accordance to the "sources" acquainted with the project, the Facebook mobile phone has a codenamed "Buffy,"  yes, after the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show - and is a joint project between Facebook and HTC. It has said to run a modified OS version of Android that profoundly integrates with Facebook services end-to-end the phone and supports Facebook's HTML5-based application platform. Sounds similar to news we have heard for most of the past year.

Facebook alone recently picked out HTC, after also believing at the least one extra possible hardware collaborator — Korea’s Samsung. That means the products themselves are still a ways from hitting the market, potentially as long as 12 to 18 months.

The 12 to 18 months timeline is more exact for Facebook's second phone, this source says. That phone will likely to be built by Samsung, and it will break through in Q4 of 2012 or Q1 of 2013.

Phone-makers that were also once in the running to build a Facebook phone include LG and Motorola, before it was acquired by Google.

Plenty could still go wrongly and prevent Facebook from launching any phone, ever. Not everyone close to the project is optimistic.  One source close to people who worked at the project says he would be surprised to see a Facebook phone hit the market.

Read more:

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Angry Birds Rio (Ad-Free) v1.4.0 Download

In Аngrу Birds Riо, thе оriginаl Аngrу Birds аrе kidnарреd аnd tаkеn tо thе mаgiсаl сitу оf Riо dе Jаnеirо, whеrе thеу еvеntuаllу еsсаре thеir сарtоrs аnd sеt оut tо sаvе thеir friеnds, Blu аnd Jеwеl--twо rаrе mасаws аnd thе stаrs оf thе Fоx mоtiоn рiсturе, Riо. Аngrу Birds Riо раirs thе рhуsiсs-bаsеd gаmерlау оf thе оriginаl gаmе with uniquе twists bаsеd оn thе film.

Download Instructions:


Аngrу Birds Riо Fеаturеs:
Fоur fаntаstiс ерisоdеs with 120 еxсiting lеvеls
Соmрlеtеlу nеw асhiеvеmеnts
Sресiаl hiddеn fruit trорhiеs tо disсоvеr
Sресtасulаr bоss fights--thе ultimаtе tеst оf уоur Аngrу Birds skills
Еxресt рlеntу mоrе tо соmе: ерisоdiс uрdаtеs соntinuе thrоughоut 2011

А Nеw Rеаsоn fоr Rеvеngе
Nоw, аftеr аn аll-tоо-briеf реriоd оf реасе, а nеw missiоn is unvеilеd. Kidnарреd, саgеd, аnd whiskеd аwау tо а fоrеign lаnd bу аnimаl smugglеrs, thе Аngrу Birds еsсаре thе сlutсhеs оf thеir bungling сарtоrs--but thеу sооn disсоvеr а dеереr рurроsе.

Slеws оf rаrе аnd еndаngеrеd birds аrе bеing hеld сарtivе in Riо dе Jаnеirо, аnd it's uр tо thе Аngrу Birds tо rеsсuе thеir wingеd friеnds bу сrасking ореn thеir саgеs аnd sеtting thеm frее.

20th Сеnturу Fоx аnd Rоviо hаvе unitеd fеаthеrу fоrсеs, jоining thе hеrоеs оf Аngrу Birds with thе stаrs аnd stоrуlinе оf Riо. Tаkе оff in а flurrу оf еxсiting gаmерlау аnd сhаllеngеs аs уоu еsсаре thе smugglеrs, smаsh thrоugh thеir hidеоuts, аnd еmbаrk оn thе biggеst Аngrу Birds аdvеnturе уеt!

Lеnd а Hеlрing Wing
Tо sаvе Blu аnd Jеwеl frоm thе smugglеrs, thе Аngrу Birds will nееd соurаgе, sеlflеss hеrоism, аnd оnе еnоrmоus slingshоt. Slidе уоur fingеr оn thе sсrееn аnd lеt gо tо рull bасk аnd fling уоur аviаn friеnds. Tар thе sсrееn mid-flight tо unlеаsh еасh bird's sресiаl аbilitу. Рinсh tо zооm in аnd оut оf thе еnvirоnmеnts аnd drаg уоur fingеr tо viеw diffеrеnt раrts оf еасh stаgе аnd рlаn thе trаjесtоrу оf еасh bird.

Bооm Gоеs thе Dуnаmitе
Likе рrеviоus instаllmеnts, Аngrу Birds Riо is а рhуsiсs-bаsеd рuzzlе gаmе. Usе thе birds аnd thеir роwеrs tо mоst еffiсiеntlу brеаk thrоugh рilеs оf diffеrеnt dеstruсtiblе оbjесts. Сrаtеs, bоаrds, stоnе, glаss, TNT, аnd оthеr mаtеriаls аrе nо mаtсh fоr аn ассurаtе shоt with thе right bird. Сhuсk thе Аngrу Birds аt lосkеd саgеs tо brеаk thеm ореn аnd sеt rаrе birds frее. Аs уоu рrоgrеss in thе gаmе, уоu'll аlsо nееd tо dеmоlish thе junglе hidеоuts оf thе smugglеrs' mоnkеу miniоns. Lеаrn thе strеngths аnd аbilitiеs оf еасh bird, аnd thе bеhаviоr оf thе mаtеriаls уоu'll lаunсh thеm аgаinst, tо triggеr сhаin rеасtiоns аnd асhiеvе thrее stаrs in еvеrу lеvеl.

Sоuth Аmеriса Blооms
Frоm thе dim аnd сluttеrеd wаrеhоusе оf thе Smugglеrs' Dеn tо а rаinfоrеst-ringеd сlеаring bасkеd bу snоw-сарреd mоuntаins, lауеrs оf dуnаmiс sсеnеrу рrоvidе а sеnsе оf dерth аnd mоvеmеnt unlikе аnу оthеr Аngrу Birds gаmе. Аgаinst thеsе еvосаtivе bасkdrорs, thе gаmе's fеаthеrу соnfliсts rеvеаl dеереr, mоrе nuаnсеd сhаrасtеr bеhаviоrs: rаrе birds flу frее frоm thеir сrushеd саgеs, fidgеting mоnkеуs trу tо hоld оn tо thеir сrumbling hidеоuts, аnd muсh mоrе.

Thе sоund dеsign реrfесtlу сарturеs Brаzil's urbаn аnd rurаl lаndsсареs. Riо dе Jаnеirо's sееdу sidе соmеs аlivе with сlinking сhаins, сrеаking bоаrds, сriеs оf сарturеd birds, аnd thе murmur оf саrs rоlling bу thе Smugglеrs' Dеn. In thе junglе, mоnkеуs сhаttеr аnd sсrеесh whilе thе саlls оf birds, frоgs, аnd insесts fill thе аir аs уоu linе uр уоur shоts. Thе gаmе's distinсtivе thеmе аlsо соmеs with а Brаziliаn-infusеd twist: thе Аngrу Birds Riо Sаmbа. Tоgеthеr, thе sоunds аnd musiс оf Аngrу Birds Riо will hаvе уоu dаnсing in уоur sеаt аs уоu slingshоt уоur wау tо frее Blu, Jеwеl, аnd thеir friеnds.

Whаt's nеw in vеrsiоn 1.4.0
Six fаntаstiс ерisоdеs with 165 еxсiting lеvеls!
Соmрlеtеlу nеw асhiеvеmеnts!
Sресiаl hiddеn fruits - disсоvеr thеm аll!
Рut уоur Аngrу Birds skills tо thе ultimаtе tеst in а sресtасulаr bоss fight!

Disclaimer: We do not own or uploaded this file to any other third party site, we just indexed it for fast surfing. (Try before you buy methods)

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Monday, November 21, 2011

World Largest Smartphone runs Windows 7 In Times Square

 Photo: Microsoft constructed The World's Largest Smartphone as part of celebrating the introduction of new Windows Phones in the U.S. Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft unveiled their newest Smartphone - a device users will never acquire the chance to use since it is somewhat too big to bear in a pocket. While the phone is billed as the world’s largest it’s not a phone in the tradition sense in that the giant tiles display video feeds that are transmitted from a centralized control room. The tiles can also be moved to accommodate live stage performances.
"Windows Phone will help change the way people look at smartphones," said Andy Lees, president of the Windows Phone Division at Microsoft Corp.

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Fujitsu Arrows F-07D the "thinnest or slimmest smartphone" that beats Motorola RAZR

So far we all believed that the Motorola RAZR was thinnest smartphone at just 7.1 mm thickness at the thinnest part, on the other hand there is the Fujitsu Arrows F-07D.It appears that its sovereignty on the throne was rather brief lived with the FCC declaring the Fujitsu Arrows F-07D as the world’s slimmest smartphone, measuring at a super slim depth of just 6.7mm.

Here are some of the features of the Fujitsu Arrows F-07D:
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • 4-inch Gorilla glass WVGA display with a resolution of 480 x 854
  • Single-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.4 GHz processor
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 1GB internal storage
  • HSPA-level up to 14Mb/s, GSM, LTE
  • 5 Megapixel camera
  • 127×64×6.9mm
  • 109g
  • 1400mAh battery
Although this handset doesn't blow of impressive specifications, as likened to other smartphones encountered these days, it certainly is a slim handset. As for its availability, the Fujitsu Arrows F-07D will be available in 2012 from NTT DoCoMo.

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Leak Nokia 801T seen in China with specs

Reported by the folks over at GSMArena, the unannounced Nokia 801T features dual-more quad-band GSM and TD-SCDMA network support and is expected to be launched in China with Symbian^3 aboard.

At the least that's what the authorised specs sheet says. However, there's as well the possibleness that the official document that leaked recently is old and Nokia will update it ahead of the phone's launch.

Whenever the smartphone will be release with Symbian^3 in the long run, Nokia will probably update its software to Symbian Anna or Belle afterwards.

Just by looking at the phone's hardware configuration, one can definitely state that the Nokia 801T is a mid-entry smartphone. Even though there's no mentions on the handset's processor, it appears that the phone embeds ST-Ericsson's low-cost PNX6718 chipset.

The screen will have an nHD resolution and will measure about 4.3", the camera is an 8 MP unit and there are no visible buttons on the front.

There's no word on the processor but the quoted RAM is 256MB, which doesn't exactly scream high end these days. And it's a hefty device at 171 g.

Specs of the 801T:
  • Network frequency 900MHz, 1800MHz, 850MHz, 1900MHz
  • Size 125.12 × 64.97 × 11.57 (mm)
  • Weight 171 (g)
  • Screen size 52.64 × 96.06 × 1.41 (mm); supports touch screen, TFT with 16 million colours
  • 8MP camera
  • 256 internal memory, Expandable with miniSD up to 32 GB
  • 3G Support, TD-SCDMA
  • Symbian ^ 3 OS
  • Mobile phone standard TD-SCDMA/GSM dual-mode
  • Chinese input Handwriting, Pinyin, Stroke
  • Operating system: Symbian
  • Wap 2.0, GPRS
  • Phone memory 256MB
  • Bluetooth, USB, WLAN
  • E-mail Support, POP3/IMAP, Mail for Exchange
  • GPS

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Rumor Redesigned iPad 3 in March and Aluminum iPhone 5 this Summer?

Our most reliable source has spoken: expect body changes for the next iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Pro. Here’s what we’ve heard.

The third-generation iPad will become modestly thicker (0.7mm) in order to accommodate the twin light bar system needed for its higher-resolution display. read more

Apple is preparing to release a slightly thicker – 0.7-millimeter iPad in March with a dual-backlit display and afresh high-resolution screen according to iLounge.  They're also reporting that Apple will probably launch the iPhone 5 next summer that will not have a tear-drop design as many have speculated.  Instead, it will be 8-millimeters longer that the current model and will have a metal case as well as a 4-inch display.

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Speedx 3D Android game

Speedx 3D Android game - Speedx 3D caters fundamental but solid gameplay of angling your direction through with a tunnel.

Epileptics, please now stand up and leave the room. Cheers. Instantly, once we are through with imaginable raptuses, let’s see what we’ve got here. Oh, wait, you still should not play longer than 10, maybe quarter-hour straight, or (as one of the market commenters noticed) your brain will got raped. And by raped we mean raped.

Gameplay is very simple: hold and tilt your phone to avoid colorful obstructions on your way of falling into giant tube. That’s all. Okay, perhaps in that respect are a few abnormal complications some of the times like warps, gravity wells and other stuff, and those do make Speedx 3D hardcore (read: unplayable) from the middle to higher stages. But as a whole it is just tilt.

Nice feature: it is the only game on A-Market that supports 3D glasses (red-cyan and green-magenta).

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How to Flash a Custom Rom on Nexus One

If you have a PC with an Internet connection, then you can do a flashing.

Why we need an internet?

Of course, you need to download a Custom ROM that might be you like.

Here, we give you the guides and video on how to flash a custom rom.

Broadly, all custom ROM thread contains directions for installation, merely sometimes they might confuse completely for newbies that don't take their time to search the guides. Here's a very generic explanation of guides needed to update a stock phone to custom ROM:

  1. Download the ROM of your choice.
  2. Copy the downloaded ROM image to the SD card
  3. Root if you don't want to unlock bootloader (or just unlock bootloader).
  4. Flash custom recovery image (if not done while rooting)
  5. Turn off the phone
  6. Turn on the phone while holding Volume Down
  7. Select "BOOTLOADER" from the menu
  8. Select "RECOVERY" from the menu
  9. Select "Wipe"
  10. Select "Wipe data / factory reset"
  11. Select "Wipe Dalvik cache"
  12. Return to main recovery menu
  13. Select "Flash" or "Flash ZIP file"
  14. Turn off verification, if such option is presented
  15. Select your downloaded ROM image
  16. Wait for the flash to finish successfully, if it didn't - do not continue!
  17. Return to main recovery menu
  18. Reboot the phone
or follow this video guide below: 
Nexus One Custom ROMS
*All source links are from xda-developers*
ROM ↓ ROM Version ↓ ROM Developer ↓ Date ↓
CyanogenMod-7 for Nexus One 7.0.3 Cyanogen 05/06/2011
CyanogenMod-6 for Nexus One 6.1.1 Cyanogen 12/15/2010
Pure Google Mod 0.3 Amethystxx 03/20/2011
eViL's NXSense 1.26 eViL D: 11/04/2010
TheOfficial Nexus1 2.14.4 Enomther 11/26/2010
LeoGingerBread (AOSP/CM7) GRH55/GRH78 0.9.7 Leonnib4 02/12/2011
MoDaCo Custom ROM for Nexus One R21 PaulObrien 07/02/2010
Kang-o-rama (CM6.1-RC1) 1.1 b1 djmcnz 11/23/2010
NAZ PFY rEVOlution 1r10 nazforex 10/08/2010
NAZ PFY (AOSP) 1r6 nazforex 10/08/2010
RoDrIgUeZsTyLe LimeMOD 3.5 RoDrIgUeZsTyLe 07/20/2010
InnovationOS! 3.0.5 death1246 07/29/2010
CyanogenMod-5 Kang Central Station 5.0.8 Cyanogen 06/19/2010
FRG83(D) Stock, Deodexed, rooted, busybox, battery %, TB alert/wake 1 Geo411m 11/20/2010

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Custom ROMS for Samsung Galaxy S/SGH-I897

Recommended for Beginners
Andromeda, Apex, Cognition, Serendipity.

Newer Roms:

STILL UPDATED - Andromeda by TeamKomin: A ROM built from Armani Captivate i9010 with custom kernel and HSPA speeds. Focused on functionality and stability. This is a great ROM for the beginner, or those who wish a stable interface with all the additional functionality of a modded kernel/ROM.
STILL UPDATED - Apex by Watsaa: Also based on JS8, great performance, great battery life, Gingerbread theme.
STILL UPDATED - Cognition by designgears: A custom ROM designed to improve the performance (with help from the Voodoo Lagfix) of the Captivate and clear out the bloatware and restrictions placed on the phone by AT&T and Samsung.
STILL UPDATED - CyanogenMod 7 by atinm: CyanogenMod 7 Gingerbread 2.3.4 for the Captivate, THIS IS STILL BETA, but usable as daily driver.
STILL UPDATED - DRAGON by DAGr8 : Speed and Stability Based of ZNKP5 Froyo 2.2.1 ( for the i9088 Device ) This one aims at being different with ALL of the latest features for the SGS serie like the no clock toggle and 6 lock screen (NO LONGER UPDATED)
STILL UPDATED - FireFly by xtremekilla09: Based on Rogers 2.2, custom themed and packed with features. It includes a custom app that allows over the air updates to be downloaded to the phone. Updated weekly on Thursdays.
STILL UPDATED - [1] by [2] MIUI (based on CM7)very usable and customizable fit for daily use.
STILL UPDATED - Mosaic VIII by The Collective ROM built on JVT i9000 with Dark Core Kernel, also can flash Talon with BIGMEM mod. Great ROM for anyone especially those who like themes as this ROM offers a variety of themes (Check the themes section for related themes)
STILL UPDATED - Phoenix by adamholden85: description soon...
STILL UPDATED - Serendipity by MikeyMike01: Based on JS7, lots of features, Gingerbread theme.

Older Roms:
Discontinued - aospMolecule by a.n: This is based off AOSP but with cyanogen influences.
Discontinued - Assonance by MikeyMike01: Another tweaked Froyo ROM with more goodies.
FINAL - Axura by adamholden85: This ROM is based off the unofficial Froyo JK2/JK6 For Vibrant.
EXHAUSTED - Captivate / Vibrant Hybrid by eugene373: Awaiting description
EXHAUSTED - Captivate-Deodexed-JH7 by rajendra82: this ROM is JH7 (leak) fully deodexed and zipaligned.
Discontinued - Doc's ROM by MikeyMike01: A ROM with delicious goodies.
FINAL- Frankin-Twiz by eugene373: This is an attempt to tweak Samsung settings and themes to eugene's liking which tries to look as AOSP.
Discontinued - GeoMod by geokhentix: A ROM with custom theme and Setiron's Kernel using the JPP modem. This has its own cooked apps.
Discontinued - Perception by designgears: A very fast ROM based off of JK3 from the i9000m phone which works better for USA captivates. This has Setiron's Kernel which has Universal Lagfix, Backlight notification and other fully featured goodies. Bloatware and restrictions not included.

*All source links are from xda-developers *

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Samsung Galaxy S/SPH-D700 Themes

*All source links are from xda-developers and rootzwiki forums*

eme ↓ Version ↓ Developer ↓ Date ↓ Features ↓
Elegant Steel 1.0.2 thomasskull666 03/04/2011 Elegant Steel Epic Port [EB13]
Froyo Crystalline Modular 2.0 dreamsforgotten 02/06/2011 Modular Froyo Theme
Glass Froyo 2.0 jstine671 02/04/2011 Glass Froyo Theme
Gingerbread Theme 1.9 amosher13 02/04/2011 Highly popular Gingerbread based theme for DK28
Black and Blue Panther 1.1 jstine671 02/02/2011 Black and Blue Panther Theme
Froyo Fuchsia Fusion 2.5 dreamsforgotten 01/21/2011 Pink Theme (Pre Warned!)
THE EPIC 4G SUPERCENTER 1.0 A454nova 01/15/2011
  • Nova's Themes for FROYO DK28
  • Apps and Mods for the Epic 4G
  • ClockworkMOD 3 Support
Frozen Emotionless Beast 0.08.1 mysteryemotionz 12/15/2010 Port of Emotionless Beast from 2.1
Froyo Window 2.0 dreamsforgotten 12/07/2010 Semi-Transparent theme with blues and greens
ACSyndicate Theme for 2.2 1.0 idkwhothatis123 11/21/2010 ACSyndicate theme for Froyo leak
Fucshia Fusion 1.0 Dreamsforgotten 3/15/2011 Pink...Extremely Pink
H.R. Giger 1.0 DreamKilla 3/15/2011 H.R. Giger/Gothic Dreamscapes

Theme ↓ Version ↓ Developer ↓ Date ↓ Features ↓
ACSyndicate Theme for 2.2 1.0 idkwhothatis123 11/21/2010 ACSyndicate theme for Froyo leak
Elegant Steel Port 0.2.1 thomasskull666 11/19/2010 Port of the popular Elegant Steel Theme
Frost Remix NexTheme Port 0.1 bubby323 11/04/2010 Port of Manup's NexTheme
White Mochi 0.03 stayfitted 11/17/2010 SDX Theme
Emotionless Beast Final mysteryemotionz 11/01/2010 Mix of Popular Themes + Customizations
Baked Snack Theme mysteryemotionz 10/21/2010 Baked Snack ROM Theme Only
Stock Battery w/ % crake001 09/28/2010 Stock Battery Icon w/ Percent Mod
Epic Black Class 0.2 crake001 09/29/2010 Black Theme with Custom ADW Launchers
S0niqu3 Epic Theme 0.4 crake001 09/24/2010 Port of S0niqu3's Theme for I9000
Red & Blue Glass Themes jstine671 10/20/2010 Based on Blue Minimalism with Custom TW and Dialer
Multimod in Epic Blue Moguledyouth 10/19/2010 Battery % Mod + Fascinate Music Mod
Epic Halloween w/ Transitions idkwhothatis123 10/22/2010 Halloween Theme
Androdena Galassia Port 2.1 raiderep 10/06/2010 Port of Androdena Galassia for Epic 4G
Blue Minimalism 1.3 raiderep 10/07/2010 Blue Minimatlist Theme w/ Blue Vanilla Lockscreen
Green Mayan 3.2 dreamsforgotten 10/22/2010 Mayan Green Theme
Stock DI18 Theme Template dreamsforgotten 10/21/2010 Stock DI18 Template for Non-Deodexed ROMs
Black Hole Epic 4G 1.0 dreamsforgotten 10/17/2010 Blue Theme w/ Blue Dialer
Matted-Envy 1.1 Envynet 10/06/2010 Port of Matted-Blues (Engraved) for HTC Evo
Green Minimalism 2.0 Iviv73 10/04/2010 Custom Green Version of Blue Minimalism by raiderep

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Update: BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 BlackBerry OS Upgrade

A couple of days has past when we heard the leak of BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 BlackBerry OS Upgrade Now it is officially available to download from the source.

ROM Update Details
BlackBerry Handheld Software v7.0.0.2290 (Multilanguage)

Package Version:

Consisting of:
Software Platform:
File name: 9900M_PBr7.0.0_rel2290_PL5.0.0.694_A7.0.0.540_Vodafone_UK.exe
File size: 219.74MB

Download from source site

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Android 2.3.5 OS "I9000XXJVT" Update for Samsung GT-i9000 Galaxy S

Version: I9000XXJVT
Author: Samsung
Category: ROM Update
Language: English
Release Date: November 17, 2011
File Time: Nov 21, 11 17:33:23
File Views: 126 views

ROM Update Details

Android Version: 2.3.5
Kernel Version:
Baseband Version: I9000XXJVT

- Bringing the latest Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread)
- Animation shadow at end of any list while you scrolling.
- Messages App is faster on Start-up time, Opening SMS or sending SMS.
- Battery life and power consumption slightly improved
- Performance Improvement.
- Some System Apps Bugs fixed
- Home screen hang bug fixed
- Market Apps are running more smoothly
- Improved picker Widget
- Main Camera Enchanced

Download it here: Multiupload

How to Install I9000XXJVT Firmware Update/Upgrade Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread on Samsung Galaxy S I9000. . . read more

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Custom ROMS for HTC Supersonic

ROM ↓ OS Version ↓ ROM Version ↓ ROM Developer ↓ Base ROM ↓ Release Date ↓ Developer Status ↓ Sense ↓
EnergyROM 2.3.5 XX NRGZ28 Runnymede 2011-11-18 Active 3.5
SteelROM 2.3.3 v1.08 SteelH 4.24.651.1 2011-07-10 Active 2.0
Synergy 2.3.3 RLS 1 Team Synergy 4.24.651.1 2011-08-05 Active 3.0
Fresh Evo 2.3.3 flipzmode 4.24.651.1 2011-11-01 Active
CyanogenMod-7 2.3.7 7.1 RC1 cyanogen AOSP 2.3.3 2011-06-27 Active AOSP
EViO 3 Series 2.3.3 1.0 Calkulin 4.24.651.1 2011-07-04 Active 2.0
Sense Evolution 2.3.3 Beta: 4 NinjaWolf 4.24.651.1 2011-07-11 Active 2.0
MIUI_EVO 2.3.3 1.10.21 MIUI Dev Team MIUI 2011-07-16 Active AOSP
gingerbread-evo-deck 2.3.4 1.2.1 kushdeck AOSP 2.3.4 2011-07-09 Active AOSP
3.2 RC2 Vaelek 3.70.651.1 2011-04-11 Inactive 2.0
SPRINT LOVERS 2.2 02/25/11 chris1683 3.70.651.1 2011-02-25 Inactive (?)
Burnt Droid 2.2 1.4.2 netarchy 3.70.651.1 2011-01-07 Inactive (?)
EMERALD 2.2.1 2.0.2 novanosis85(?)
2011-01-27 Inactive (?)
Liquid Metal
v1.2 B.O.S. Team Acer FRF91 2011-01-23 Inactive (?)
Warm TwoPointTwo
RLS 5 myn 3.70.651.1 2011-01-07 Inactive
ES3 Konikub 3.70.651.1 2011-03-24 Inactive
Ultimate Droid
3.3.1 theblackdroid Unknown 2011-03-11 Inactive
4.61 aamikam 3.70.651.1 2011-04-10 Inactive
MikG 2.3.3 v2.59 aamikam 4.54.651.1 2011-10-27 Active 2.1 + 3.0
1.16 aamikam Unknown 2011-05-08 Inactive
Z3 Avalaunchmods 3.70.651.1 2010-12-25
xxbabiboi228xx Manila Carbon Fiber 2.2
2.2 xXBabiboi228Xx 3.70.651.1 2010-12-25
V deathsled 3.70.651.1 2010-12-23
EVO-NonSense -- AOSP+Gingerbread Elements
4.3.1 tjohnsonjr 3.70.651.1 2011-01-22
3.0 ricsim78 3.70.651.1 2010-12-20
Stock Turbo
0 ricsim78 3.70.651.1 2010-12-20
1.3.9 echoside 3.29.651.5 2010-12-12
2.16.11 sac23 Unknown 2011-02-26
V1.03 indagroove 3.30.651.3 2010-12-10
0.4.2b preludedrew/bcnice20 AOSP 2.2.1 2010-12-06
Frost ROM
V3.4 barnacles10 3.28.651.1 2010-12-04
JT Rom's beliEVO
V2.1,b,&c jdeloach 3.30.651.2 2010-11-17
1.1 ricsim78 3.30.651.3 2010-11-15
3.6 damageless 3.29.651.5 2010-10-21
alpha IncDoes AOSP 2.2 2010-10-17
0.2.2 preludedrew 3.29.651.5 2010-10-16
2.0 echoside 3.26.651.6 2010-10-07
FrEak E FroYo
3.3.29 Yay 4 Juggs 3.28.651.1 2010-10-04
AirBouRne Series
RC2B2 XxXViRuSXxX 3.28.651.1 2010-09-26
3.5 O.M.J. 3.29.651.5 2010-09-25
1.4 kushdeck 3.29.651.5 2010-09-25
Cookies N' Creme
v.03 utb 3.28.651.1 2010-09-23
4.0 joeykrim 3.29.651.5 2010-09-23
VirusROM Series
RC3 XxXViRuSXxX 3.29.651.5 2010-09-23
XV MagnusRagnarok AOSP 2.2 2010-09-21
V2 jp4756 AOSP 2.2 2010-09-24
1.9 Hero_Over Unknown 2010-11-11
No B.S. Froyo
1.0 myersn024 3.26.651.6 2010-08-21
FroYo Fusion
2.5 FusionX 3.26.651.6 2010-08-18
AM Evolution
V-1 ahmgsk 3.26.651.6 2010-08-15
Tha Boss Rom
V.4 KyleCole90 3.26.651.6 2010-08-14
1.0 Danny DiMarzio 3.26.651.6 2010-08-06
t0ast3d de1ight FroYo
1.0 Hero's Hero 3.26.651.6 2010-08-03
Somethings Rom
001a laydros Unknown 2010-08-01
Baked Pastries
2.2 Hero_Over 1.47.651.1 2010-07-22
FrEak E Evo
3.0 Yay 4 Juggs 1.47.651.1 2010-07-21
Green Machine
1.0 MagnusRagnarok 1.47.651.1 2010-07-09
3.0.3 Konikub Unknown 2010-07-02
3.0 MagnusRagnarok Unknown 2010-06-28
1.0 Hero_Over Unknown 2010-06-24
3.0 MagnusRagnarok Unknown 2010-06-21
Bugless Beast
0.4 BuglessPete Unknown 2010-06-19
Calkulin's EVO 2.1
1.1 Calkulin 1.32.651.6 2010-06-19
2.0 SuperSonic Unknown 2010-06-16
1.1 bcnice20 Unknown 2010-06-09
Chocmatic's EVO
1.0 Chocmatic 1.32.651.1 2010-06-08

*All source links are from xda-developers*

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T-Mobile G2 - Software upgrade to Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread)

Lаst  Осtоbеr 17, T-Mоbilе G2 dеviсеs hаs bеgin tо rесеivе аn Оvеr-Thе-Аir (ОTА) uрdаtе tо Аndrоid 2.3.4 / Sоftwаrе Vеrsiоn 2.16.531.5. Thе uрdаtе will rоll оut in wаvеs оvеr thе соming wееks.

Thе uрdаtе рrоvidеs thе fоllоwing imрrоvеmеnts.

        Gооglе Sесuritу Раtсh
        Gооglе Skуmар imрrоvеmеnts
        Bаttеrу lifе imрrоvеmеnts
        Dаtа соnnесtiоn whilе rоаming dоmеstiсаllу

Yоur рhоnе will shоw а nоtifiсаtiоn whеn уоu hаvе rесеivеd thе uрdаtе. Аltеrnаtеlу, tо сhесk if уоur рhоnе hаs thе uрdаtе, fоllоw thеsе stерs:

    Frоm Hоmе sсrееn, рrеss thе Mеnu kеу.
    Tар Sеttings.
    Tар Аbоut Рhоnе.
    Tар Sуstеm Uрdаtеs.

Imроrtаnt: Dо NОT саll T-Mоbilе tо rесеivе thе uрdаtе bеfоrе Dесеmbеr 20. Thе timеlinе fоr rесеiving thе ОTА саnnоt bе еxреditеd. T-Mоbilе саnnоt mаnuаllу рush thе sоftwаrе tо сustоmеrs whо аsk tо rесеivе it.

Direct download from Google

T-Mobile G2 - Software upgrade to Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread)

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Custom Roms for Dell Streak 7

Custom Roms

Developer ↓ Rom Name ↓ Version ↓ Android Version ↓ Base Rom ↓ Custom kernel ↓ Release Date ↓ Download Notes
bogdi1988 Streak 7 Slimmed ROM 0.1 2.2.2 Perf 0.2 Yes Mar 21, 2011 Link
DJ_Steve Performance tweaks 0.1 2.2.2 336 Yes Feb 11, 2011 Kernel System
DJ_Steve Performance tweaks 0.2 2.2.2 336 Yes Feb 13, 2011 Kernel Kernel Only
DJ_Steve StreakDroid7 1.0 2.2.2 336 Yes
DJ_Steve StreakDroid7 1.1 2.2.2 336 Yes
DJ_Steve StreakDroid7 1.2 2.2.2 336 Yes Apr 22, 2011 Link
DJ_Steve StreakDroid7 1.3 2.2.2 336 Yes May   5, 2011 Link
DJ_Steve StreakDroid7 HD7 B1 3.1 Custom Yes Link
DJ_Steve HoneyDroid7 HD7 B2 3.1 Custom Yes Link
DJ_Steve HoneyDroid7 HD7 B3 3.1 Custom Yes Jun 27, 2011 Link
DJ_Steve HoneyStreak HD7 2.0 RC 1.0 3.2 Xoom Yes Jul 19, 2011 Link
DJ_Steve HoneyStreak HD7 2.0 RC 1.5 3.2 Xoom Yes Jul 20, 2011 Link
DJ_Steve HoneyStreak HD7 2.0 RC 2.0 3.2 Transformer Yes Aug   1, 2011 Link
DJ_Steve HoneyStreak HD7 2.0 RC 2.1 3.2 Transformer Yes Aug   1, 2011 Link
DJ_Steve HoneyStreak HD7 2.0 R 1 3.2 Custom Yes Aug 13, 2011 Link
DJ_Steve HoneyStreak HD7 2.0 R 2 3.2 Custom Yes Aug 18, 2011 4G Wifi
DJ_Steve HoneyStreak HD7 2.0 R 3 3.2 Custom Yes Sept   1, 2011 4G Wifi
DJ_Steve HoneyStreak HD7 2.0 R 4 3.2 Custom Yes Sept   3, 2011 4G Wifi
DJ_Steve HoneyStreak HD7 2.0 R 5 3.2 Custom Yes Sept 14, 2011 4G Wifi
DJ_Steve HoneyStreak HD7 2.0 R 6 3.2 Custom Yes Sept 24, 2011 4G Wifi
DJ_Steve HoneyStreak HD7 2.0 R 7 3.2 507 Yes Oct   9, 2011 Link
DJ_Steve HoneyStreak HD7 2.0 R 8 3.2 507 Yes Nov   4, 2011 Link
Hellzya rooted 2.2.2 with DJ_Steve's tweaks 2.2.2 336 Yes Mar 25, 2011
Vetvito Custom 2.2.2 2.2.2 336 No Apr 11, 2011 Link

Thanks to XDA-Developers

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Flashing Guides for Windows Mobile Devices

This guide-on are created particularly for starters to get to know the methods on how to flash a device.

These are the guides on how to flash your device for the first time:

  1. CID-unlock your device (check the sticky threads in the upgrading-forum of your device to learn, how to do this). This needs to be done just once per device.
  2. Search the upgrading forum of your device for the ROM, you like to flash. Then download and, if needed, extract it.
  3. Check, if your Radio-ROM matches the new ROM. If you don't find any information in the ROM's thread don't mind. You can update your Radio ROM later if you gain any problems.
  4. Make sure, your devices battery status is NOT LESS than 50%.
  5. Connect your device to your computer and wait until activesync/Windows Mobile Device Center recognizes it
  6. Last chance to synchronize and/or backup files. All files and databases will be deleted after performing the next step! (Optional: If you want to save your text messages and/or eMails, use a tool like DotFred's PIM Backup.)
  7. Execute the .exe file you downloaded with the ROM.
  8. Follow the instructions and DO NOT disconnect your device until flashing is finished.
  9. Disconnect your device from your computer.
  10. You need to delete the old activesync/Windows Mobile Device Center partnership, because it thinks, your device is not the same as before... and it is right ^^. Deleting an old partnership is only possible, if the device is not connected. (Optional) If you want to change the name of your device, do that now by clicking Start > Settings > System > About > Device ID. Enter the new name of your device and click on Ok.
  11. Connect your device to your computer, create a new partnership and synchronize. Then configure your device to your needs and if needed install additional software. 
If you follow this step / guides, well it's Done!

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Newest MOTO's Android Gingerbread - Motorola MOTO XT615 review and specs

Motorola MOTO XT615 Review 
The XT615 has an exciting conception, and is aiming for young users. It could be mistaken for a high-end device – it’s not, though, because it only has an 800MHz Qualcomm MSM7227A-0 processor, and 512MB of RAM. That aside, its feature set is quite attractive, including a 4 inch FWVGA (854 x 480) edge-to-edge display, Moto Switch UI 2.0, HSDPA (900 / 2100 MHz), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, 8MP rear camera with LED flash, VGA front-facing camera, 1GB of ROM, and MicroSD card support.

On multimedia front of view the smart phone support the MP4, Divx, MP3, WAV and more audio video files. The device is boasted with 8 mega pixels of primary camera with a feature of LED flash and also has a VGA secondary camera option that uses for video conferencing. The 1390 mAh standard Li-Ion power supply battery which allows a good power backup. 

Motorola MOTO XT615 Specs 

Expected+Release:Date: December, 2011
Dimensions: 60.5 x 117.7 x 9.85 millimetres
Mass: 123.6 grams (battery included)


Embedded+Operating-System: Google Android 2.3.5 Chinese
Browse devices running this OS


CPU_Clock: 800 MHz
CPU: Qualcomm MSM7227T
Browse devices based on this microprocessor


RAM+capacity: 512 MiB
ROM:capacity: 1 GiB


Display-Type: Supported
Display+Diagonal: 4 "
Display_Resolution: 480 x 854


Microphone(s): mono
Loudspeaker(s): mono
Audio-Output: 3.5mm


Cellular_Networks: GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS900, UMTS2100
Cellular_Data;Links: GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA
Call+Alert: 64 -chord melody
Vibrating:Alert: Supported
Speakerphone-: Supported


Positioning-Device: Multi-touch screen
Primary:Keyboard: Not supported
Directional+Pad: Not supported
Scroll+Wheel: Not supported


Expansion;Slots: microSD, microSDHC, TransFlash
USB: USB 2.0 client, 480Mbit/s
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 3.0
Wireless+LAN: 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
Infrared+Gate: Not supported


Analog+Radio+Receiver: Not supported
Digital-Media+Broadcast;Tuner: Not supported


Built-in-GPS:module: Supported
Complementary-GPS;Services: Assisted GPS, QuickGPS, Geotagging


Main;Camera: 8 MP
Autofocus+(AF): Supported
Optical-Zoom: 1 x
Macro;Mode: Supported
Built-in-Flash: mobile light (LED)


Built-in-accelerometer: Supported
Battery: removable
Battery-Capacity: 1390 mAh

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Samsung Galaxy Ace Hugo Boss Edition (Samsung Cooper) Review, Price and Detailed Specs

Unluckily, that's all but the changes the special collaboration between the two companes brings around the table. Hardware-wise, the Ace Hugo Boss hasn't altered a bit from the original. The smartphone still features a 3.5-inch 320x480 pixels screen, 800MHz single-core processor, 5MP autofocus camera and the usual Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and microSD slot found on most Android smartphones.

Blithely altho, the Samsung Ace Hugo Boss runs Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread and will be available pretty before long at selected Hugo Boss stores also as on their website. There's no official pricing but we spotted a store that's it for about 280 euros taxes included. If you'll be able to afford Hugo Boss costumes, that sort of cash should be pin money to you.

Manufacturer: Samsung Electronics

Hardware_Designer: Samsung Electronics
Project:Codename: Samsung Cooper
Browse all devices under Samsung Cooper codename
Expected_Release+Date: December, 2011


Dimensions(width x height x depth): 59.9 x 112.4 x 11.5 millimetres
2.4 x 4.4 x 0.5 inches
Bounding:Volume: 77.4 cubecentimetres


Embedded_Operating-System: Google Android 2.3.3
Browse devices running this OS
Operating;System+Kernel: Linux 2.6.35


CPU:Clock: 800 MHz
CPU: Qualcomm MSM7227T
Browse devices based on MSM7227T
Width+of+Machine-Word: 32 bit
CPU+Core: ARM1136EJ-S
Instruction;Set: ARMv6


RAM+type: Supported
ROM:type: Flash EEPROM
ROM-capacity: 512 MiB


Display_Type: Supported
Display+Diagonal: 3.5 " (88.2 millimetres)
Display_Resolution: 320 x 480 (153600 pixels)
Viewable+Display:Size: 1.93 " x 2.89 " (48.92 x 73.39 millimetres)
Pixel:density_(dot_pitch): 166.1 pixel/inch (0.15289 millimetre/pixel)
Graphical;Controller: Qualcomm Adreno 200


Audio_Channel(s): stereo sound
Microphone(s): mono sound
Loudspeaker(s): mono sound
Audio-Output: 3.5mm plug


Cellular+Networks: GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS900, UMTS2100
Cellular:Data_Links: CSD, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA
Cellular;Antenna: Internal antenna
Call+Alert: 40 -chord melody (polyphonic)
Vibrating-Alert: Supported
Speakerphone;: Supported
Phone_Controller: Qualcomm MSM7227


Positioning+Device: Multi-touch screen
Primary_Keyboard: Not supported
Directional_Pad: Not supported
Scroll+Wheel: Not supported


Expansion:Interfaces: microSD, microSDHC, TransFlash
Supports High Capacity (SD 2.0/HC) memory cards with capacity of up to 32GB
USB: USB 2.0 client, Hi-Speed (480Mbit/s)
USB Series Micro-B (Micro-USB) connector
Bluetooth_(802.15): Bluetooth 2.1, Internal antenna
Wireless+LAN/Wi-Fi-(802.11): IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n
Internal antenna
Infrared:Gate: Not supported


Analog-Radio: FM radio (87.5-108MHz) with RDS radio reciever
Proprietary headset as antenna
Digital_Media_Broadcast: Not supported


Built-in+GPS;module: Supported
GPS;Protocol: NMEA 0183
GPS:Antenna: Internal antenna
Complementary-GPS+Services: Assisted GPS, Geotagging
Navigation-Chip(set): Qualcomm MSM7227 gpsOne


Sensor_Type: CMOS sensor
Resolution: 2560 x1920 pixels (4.92MP)
Autofocus-(AF): Supported
Optical:Zoom: 1 x
Macro-Mode: No information
Built-in+Flash: mobile light (LED)
Camcorder: 320x240 pixels , 20frame/sec
Recordable;Image;Formats: JPG
Recordable-Video;Formats: 3GP, 3G2, MPEG4


Battery:Technology: Lithium-ion battery
Battery:Build: removable
Battery:Capacity: 1350 mAh - Click here for stronger battery


Built-in+accelerometer: Supported
  • capacitive touchscreen
  • built-in digital compass
  • GPRS Class 10
  • HSDPA 7.2
  • Samsung TouchWiz 3.0
  • surround sound
  • DLNA
  • Bluetooth stereo audio profile (A2DP
  • AVCRP)
  • Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot
Datasheet+State: Preliminary specifications

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