Monday, November 21, 2011

Custom ROMS for Samsung Galaxy S/SGH-I897

Recommended for Beginners
Andromeda, Apex, Cognition, Serendipity.

Newer Roms:

STILL UPDATED - Andromeda by TeamKomin: A ROM built from Armani Captivate i9010 with custom kernel and HSPA speeds. Focused on functionality and stability. This is a great ROM for the beginner, or those who wish a stable interface with all the additional functionality of a modded kernel/ROM.
STILL UPDATED - Apex by Watsaa: Also based on JS8, great performance, great battery life, Gingerbread theme.
STILL UPDATED - Cognition by designgears: A custom ROM designed to improve the performance (with help from the Voodoo Lagfix) of the Captivate and clear out the bloatware and restrictions placed on the phone by AT&T and Samsung.
STILL UPDATED - CyanogenMod 7 by atinm: CyanogenMod 7 Gingerbread 2.3.4 for the Captivate, THIS IS STILL BETA, but usable as daily driver.
STILL UPDATED - DRAGON by DAGr8 : Speed and Stability Based of ZNKP5 Froyo 2.2.1 ( for the i9088 Device ) This one aims at being different with ALL of the latest features for the SGS serie like the no clock toggle and 6 lock screen (NO LONGER UPDATED)
STILL UPDATED - FireFly by xtremekilla09: Based on Rogers 2.2, custom themed and packed with features. It includes a custom app that allows over the air updates to be downloaded to the phone. Updated weekly on Thursdays.
STILL UPDATED - [1] by [2] MIUI (based on CM7)very usable and customizable fit for daily use.
STILL UPDATED - Mosaic VIII by The Collective ROM built on JVT i9000 with Dark Core Kernel, also can flash Talon with BIGMEM mod. Great ROM for anyone especially those who like themes as this ROM offers a variety of themes (Check the themes section for related themes)
STILL UPDATED - Phoenix by adamholden85: description soon...
STILL UPDATED - Serendipity by MikeyMike01: Based on JS7, lots of features, Gingerbread theme.

Older Roms:
Discontinued - aospMolecule by a.n: This is based off AOSP but with cyanogen influences.
Discontinued - Assonance by MikeyMike01: Another tweaked Froyo ROM with more goodies.
FINAL - Axura by adamholden85: This ROM is based off the unofficial Froyo JK2/JK6 For Vibrant.
EXHAUSTED - Captivate / Vibrant Hybrid by eugene373: Awaiting description
EXHAUSTED - Captivate-Deodexed-JH7 by rajendra82: this ROM is JH7 (leak) fully deodexed and zipaligned.
Discontinued - Doc's ROM by MikeyMike01: A ROM with delicious goodies.
FINAL- Frankin-Twiz by eugene373: This is an attempt to tweak Samsung settings and themes to eugene's liking which tries to look as AOSP.
Discontinued - GeoMod by geokhentix: A ROM with custom theme and Setiron's Kernel using the JPP modem. This has its own cooked apps.
Discontinued - Perception by designgears: A very fast ROM based off of JK3 from the i9000m phone which works better for USA captivates. This has Setiron's Kernel which has Universal Lagfix, Backlight notification and other fully featured goodies. Bloatware and restrictions not included.

*All source links are from xda-developers *


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