Thursday, July 26, 2012

General screen biological clock on Samsung Galaxy S3 Smart Sleep review

General screen biological clock on Samsung Galaxy S3 Smart Sleep.
Phone screen to sleep or not to sleep, this is the problem, gotta weigh the screen light in the relationship between time and battery consumption.

How to control it to sleep and not sleep, is also a problem, although you are able to set the screen timeout so brutal and powerful way to get, but in the Samsung S3, it has a more intelligent and humane phone biological clock so called "Smart Sleep".

Smart Sleep - means that regardless of the screen timeout time set on how short, as long as your eyes stare at the screen to see a very long and a large segment of Samsung S3 screen will detect your eyes and the screen will be lit, until you look away from the screen and will extinguish itself out.

When you open the "Display" which "Smart Stay Smart Sleep" and observe the top notification bar will from time to time flashing eyes and a small icon at the moment the Samsung S3 is detected through the front camera of your sight; assumptions set 30 seconds of screen time-out time of 30 seconds near the end of the little eyes appear to see if you are still watching the screen, if it is, it will automatically ignore the 30 seconds of the set leaving the screen to keep in Steady state

Therefore, when you read or browse the pages for so long, the Samsung S3's smart Sleep will be very humane to help a busy, you neither need to set the screen timeout "time is too long so a waste of electricity do not need from time to time click on the screen to make it do not black out.

Technology nowadays is really a good way to liberate the productive forces, is still worried about the costs of electricity of the screen not dare to open too long, and fear of prolonged use of mobile phones from time to time teasing it to make it not to automatically lock the screen, has been in the Samsung S3 The above solved; inseparable phones are getting smarter when we have more and save.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Fastest File Transfer Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy S3 released almost a couple of month, the real device in hand, only to find that this phone has so many useful features, see that Samsung has brought in goodish deeds in the product user-friendly design, Galaxy S3 was converted a good phone, transfix with all Android that has the potential.

I found out that the Galaxy S3's first S Beam is a very fascinating lineament. The past file transfers or demolition of a memory card or Bluetooth file transfer, in short is both tedious and slow in speed. S Beam is a very charming features, just open NFC and S-transfer function in the settings, two S3 (NFC-enabled mobile phone, all OK, because we all support the Android Beam) back to back touch, you can transfer the file do not need Bluetooth pairing as the key is really fast. Looked at the instructions in the device, the original feature is the combination of NFC and wifi in together, the NFC is the responsible for two mobile phone pairing while Wi-Fi is the responsible for the transmission, the Samsung Galaxy S3 equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 but the speed still is slower than the wifi .

The most astonishing is that even if you don't have an open wifi connection, S Beam is still will enable, the mobile phone will automatically turn on the wifi to run transfer, complete and then turn off wifi and it will not pop up to tell you to open wifi. The functional design of Samsung is really sweet.

How can I send a photo from a mobile phone to another phone or device?

Step 1. Is to open the NFC and S Beam, and take a picture.Step 2. Enter the album, to find the image photo you wanted to transfer and open it. And let two mobile phones back to back together.Step 3. Once the NFC chip will detect a nearby mobile phone, you will be prompted to touch that it can be sent, click on the picture on the screen can start it sending.

Step 4. On the other phone, the system will prompted two phone nudged will begin transmission. This "bumper" is equivalent to in the authorized.
You're done! An instant fast, smooth and completed file transfer.

In the future hope, that Samsung will update S Beam function to bring more new models, that we can share photos and videos with friends that the process becomes more simple and interesting, in fact, Samsung Galaxy S3 is more practical.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Acer A800 Dual-Core Review, photo and specs

The old dominates, all the same from the appearance of the beginning that start. Acer A800 and the release of the Acer AK330 mobile phone in that respect is sealed similarities in appearance, familiar with the Acer phone friends know some of the more exemplary family device characteristic of the Acer phone in the designing, such as the fuselage top and bottom, the location used by arc processing.

Acer A800 cellular phone handset design is comparatively fresh, the placement of the front top of the fuselage, a very large area, so expect to be able to bring good call quality. Peripheral device supplemented by a circle of metal materials, and also provides protection for the speaker, well decorated mobile phone. The speakers below with a front camera, next to a variety of sensors.

Fuselage biggest feature in the Acer A800 mobile phone without any button design, and therefore confirmed the other hand, this is a Android 4.0 phone system. Was alleged to be replaced by a big key where the area of "Acer" LOGO.

A big marketing aim of the appearance of this device is equipped with a 4.3-inch high-definition screen, the site provided data show that the screen resolution of 1080 * 720 pixels, but most expected this is a mistake to label the actual screen, the resolution is 1280 * 720 pixels.View the back of the fuselage, with a dulling effect of Acer A800's fuselage with the reticulated pattern of pliant material to create. Border location sleek design, and to ensure grip of the phone, ergonomic design. The top of the fuselage is equipped with an 8 million pixel camera equipped with LED fill light device.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

3 Steps to modify the Android Fonts

Are you looking for the easy steps or tutorials to modify or change the fonts on your android mobile phones?

Here, below I give you the idea on how to do that but first is to download the font modifiers from here: Font Modifier

The first step:

Ready for mobile phones, ROOT had installed RE File Manager, and then open the RE File Manager, locate the \ system \ font \ DroidSansFallback.ttf

Extract the file on the desktop, open the font modifiers:

Step two:

Click the "Format - Settings - Layout - Unit Department to adjust the font size, (to modify the value on the smaller and the larger of the font, the specific value shows how much their case may require)

Step three:

Restart the phone to take effect and it's done.

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Twitter and NBC together for the London Olympic coverage

According to U.S. media reports, the United States-rights-holding broadcaster NBC and social networking site Twitter announced a message of the League of Olympic coverage. Twitter first to participate in the Olympic Games reports.

This news makes Twitter acclaimed in advertising, at present, has been part of the Olympic coverage advertising gold master.

It is reported that Twitter will be the construction of Olympic coverage to the topic page. U.S. sports stars, fans can comment on the Olympic Games, the page will also integrate event informations. NBC on live TV will interact, and promote the Olympic page of Twitter.

NBC said that the cooperation with Twitter does not involve financial transactions, the company will not share the advertising revenue from Twitter Olympics page. Advertisers such as General Electric and Procter & Gamble has decided to advertise in Twitter's Olympic coverage.

The advertisers that Twitter is becoming an effective marketing carrier. Athletes and the Olympic organizers have also pointed out that since the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, athletes use of Twitter is more and more.

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360 Special for Huawei Shine will be release on August

The highly awaited 360 special for the device Huawei Shine will be the August sale listing. It is reported that Huawei shine with a 4.3-inch the QHD large HD screen, dual sim dual standby, dual front and rear camera, dual-core CPU processor, large memory and 1G RAM. 360 sources, the August sale, Huawei shine the price will be lower than 1499 yuan, the high cost advantage is even more impressive.
Huawei Shine "HD", "fashion" qualities, equipped with 4.3-inch QHD high-resolution wide viewing angle IPS screen, the display is excellent, The mobile phone is using a corning glass with iPhone4S the same, with a scratch-resistant effects, enabling users to removed foil troubled. In addition, Huawei shine A9 architecture 1G dual-core CPU processor, 4G RAM, powered by Android 4.0.3 system is currently on the market cost-effective mobile phone.

The phone does not only supports WCDMA + GSM dual sim dual standby, with excellent before and after the high pixel camera, support fast camera, face recognition, smile capture to meet the needs of the users of a variety of shooting. According to reports, Huawei shine "in the August, the price will be less than 1499 yuan, to further enhance its cost-effective advantage.

The industry considers that Huawei's products durability and 360 brand endorsement, that come together to Huawei and 360 co-operation, and the strengths of both integration and complementarity. This mode of cooperation will become a model of cell phone hardware manufacturers and Internet companies, the ultimate beneficiaries is undoubtedly the majority of mobile phone users.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Olympic Special Edition now on sale

London 2012 Olympic Games will arrive this week and as a partner, Samsung also brought the chance to launch the Olympic special edition of the Galaxy S III, the device has already been sold in Taiwan. In addition to the signs of the packaging has full of features, the special edition of Galaxy S III will be given small gifts of many British-style, such as the Olympic theme of mobile phone holder, the British flag cell phone shell, and the British guard type earplugs.
In addition, Samsung also provide users with the wallpaper of the British guard, and the British Olympic theme dynamic wallpaper download.
It is reported that Taiwan Special Edition of the Galaxy S III configuration with the international version of the equivalent, including the 1.4GHz Samsung Exynos quad-core processor, built-in 1GB of RAM, support for HSPA + networks.

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Expose: Nexus 7 hardware defects

According to the several technology websites and blogs reported that, Google Tablet PC Nexus 7 Touch Screen defects, affecting the user experience. U.S. technology blog Venture Beat columnist Devendra • Hardaway (Devindra Hardawar), perform data-intensive operations, the Nexus 7 touch screen occasionally doesn't acknowledge the input information. This conditions include the upgrade multiple application program or multiple applications synchronized between mobile phones and the Nexus 7. Website writer Ryan (Ryan Whitwam), Whitby Wan said that the response will fail to play graphics-intensive games, touch screen in some places. He gives a method to solve this problem: restart the display.
Technology blog PocketNow posted Nexus 7 backlight leaked photos. Another site AndroidAuthority found some of the Nexus 7, the screen doesn't tighten the overflow Nexus 7 plastic bezel creak sound when you touch will be issued.

In spite of the defects, but this week a lot of booking the Nexus 7 users received e-mail confirmation. From the discussion of the people on the network, the vast majority of users still prefer this low-cost flat.

The PCWorld freelance writer Marissa Patterson (Melissa Perenson) said the Nexus 7 is indeed an outstanding 7-inch Android Tablet PC, which represents the direction of low-priced Tablet PC.

Taking into the account the Nexus 7 is a low-cost tablet PCs, and the dissatisfaction of the user screen there is a reason. Nexus 7 8G version and the 16G version priced at only $ 199 and $ 249. PCWorld has pointed out, the Nexus 7 production costs close to $ 160.

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iPad and mini-tablet could be the most popular toys this year

iPad devices are attractive to children, to the Apple store or electronics retailer (Best Buy) Apple area, apparent that young children put it down on the iPad.Market observers said that the small size tablet is among the most popular children's toys.

According to the Wall Street Journal reports, more than half of young children use the iPad, iPhone or other touch screen devices.

Apple has apparently encouragely to set up stores in the Child table show the iPad, to take a similar fast-food industry's marketing of McDonald's (McDonald), to facilitate future sales.

Young kids may be associated to the Apple brand with fun, crop a long brand commitment.

Al root (Mike Elgen) predicted that the small size touch tablet will strengthen the iPad wave, and then develop to become part of the culture of children, as important as Barbie dolls and Lego blocks, a columnist for the observation of the technological and cultural change.

How come for children, the sized of the plate had better be little not big? The main advantage of the small-size flat-panel is cheap. For example, Google Nexus look like a $ 400 technology products, but as long as the half-price buy.

Apple is anticipated this year named "iPad nano", the cheapest pricing may be less than $ 250, will achieve the same low-cost advantage.

There are two major benefits for children. The first is the intellectual consumer, because most of the parents will not spend $ 500 to buy a birthday gift to a child. The second is to play the bad less distressed. When kids damaged or loss a $ 200 toy, although not a good thing, but it does not feel bad.

Additionally, antecedently part of the schools consider it for a safety reasons, don't want to spend money on additions to iPad, because they were afraid of the students took the envy of consumer electronic devices has become the target of theft. But the $ 200 device, the majority of schools willing to let a kid in a school.

The small-size flat-panel (especially the popularity of mini-iPad), are also expected to benefit more than two years for large flat lot of development out of the large number of the app.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

10 Most Common Mistakes of New Android Developers

Android platform is the most popular platform for a newbies and novice developers. Not only that is it a cheap instrument, and has a great development community, in addition to as from known programing language (Java), builds the development of Android applications easier than ever before. However, we still see many new Android developers which over and over again made the same mistakes. The following are the 10 most common myths.

1. Does not read the Android developer documentation

Android developer site can help you and assist in developing some applications. There are several documents that can also be downloaded through the SDK tools. These documents are not only the Javadoc API reference, which includes guides, tutorials, videos, training, and other useful information to create Android applications.

Android training through a number of useful tutorial example to guide you to solve a specific problem or to achieve specific functions.

2. They are not familiar with the Android Development Tools

Android SDK it's not only can be used to compile the package of your application to run on the Android phone, and it has a set of tools to help you build applications. Some of these tools will help your application to design the graphics and layout. Other command-line tools, which provide simple, you can write a script to access the simulator and hardware capabilities of the device. There are some performance tuning and profiling.

Android SDK documentation for more information on the Android tools.

3. They don't seek help from the Android development community

Android development community sites are large and friendly community. When you have a problem, Android SDK document does not answer all of it, we recommend that you go, it has an Android developer specific labels. Other useful resources, including mailing list and website tutorial for Google, for example, you will find it there the Android software development center.

4. Due to it's Java language to develop they become lazy

Java is a programming language, it has a virtual machine, creating a development makes it easier, but this does not mean you can be a lazy programmer. Standard programming guidelines should still be applied. Most Android devices compared to a traditional computer processing power and local storage capacity are limited, inefficient or incorrect programming practice would be the overall performance and user experience has a greater impact.

5. Mobile development project is a small cost investment

Small screen! = Small projects. Many novice developers (and unfortunately, their boss) has a wrong idea that all mobile development projects can be completed by a college student at the weekend. However, the fact is that most successful projects comes from like a traditional software functional specifications, schedules, bug Tracking, full-time engineers, professional designers, QA testers maintenance plan and publish.

6. Using the original Android application development foundation

In many cases, you see that on the application is based on a hello world sample code. And if without prior planning or design to used in the code, and the layout of the project this document will lost. End-user experience, seems to be a second thought.

First, you have to spend time on learning and testing of the Android platform. Then, sit down with your team, think about what you really want to build from scratch. In the end, you will save time, reduce frustration, and high-quality production code to facilitate future maintenance.

7. Integrate it with the operating system

The Android platform provides developers with many features and tightly incorporated systems and other applications into their applications. Home screen widgets, content providers, with the intention of processing, as well as other functions advantage. Ensure that your application can handle any type of content appears in shared menu. Use these platform features that can distinguish your application from the mobile experience. In addition, if your application is easier to access, users will be more frequent to see your application.

8. The detailed configuration of the custom application is improper

Android Manifest file is the center of the application configuration, but often this information (even in the released application) is not correct. Many developers did not properly specify the characteristics of the devices they support. Another common error is registered in the Android Manifest file unnecessary permissions. This may result in your application in the Android Market, users rating of your application is very low.

9. The iPhone app for Android

When you download a cool application to your new Android device, but it looks and behaves exactly like a typical iOS. This is Not Cool. The Android platform has its own appearance and behavior, the user does not expect them to buy Android devices installed application like any other platform. These same applications often missing components, content providers, and other unique features of Android (see # 7), which makes them even more out of tune.

10. After the publication of the application it does not have a maintenance

Have you ever noticed that many android apps are not been updated while the other are constantly updating? In order to maintain the application Re-duo developer must maintain the applications to be updated. The Android platform is still steadily mature, pay attention to the notice of the Android market, which often require the developer to update the adjustment. If there is no update, some applications may be at the back. Please ensure that your application is not one of them.

The best way to avoid these mistakes, for the first-time is to be aware of the danger of doing so. And read our list of 10 Common Mistakes.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The revealation of Motorola Atrix HD review

Recently, Motorola released on their official website the Atrix series of the new device "Atrix HD". Last month broke Motorola Dinara in fact, this new device which is the third release of Atrix products series. It is equipped with 4.5-inch 720P screen, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of memory, 8BGB storage space, the eight million pixel camera, and scalable microSD card slot.

Body measurements of this mobile phone is 69.9 × 133.5 × 8.4mm, weighs 140 grams, the 720P screen TFT materials, the Motorola "ColorBoost" LCD screen. The battery capacity of 1780mAh, support 4G network. Equipped with the Android 4.0 system, but also with other devices equipped with the Android 4.0 system are have some differences, this phone has three regular keys on the screen. On the back is still using the Kevlar coating material. The Look of Droid RAZR appearance is very similar, but if you will not look at the side of the RAZR's well, it's hard to find difference.

Motorola seems to try to provide more and safer performance, including the government level encryption, a VPN and Motorola Webtop docking station for this phone. In operation, this phone with the RAZR is also very similar to the mobile phone also incorporates MotoBlur service.

The phone has not officially confirmed the launch date and price, this machine is likely to see at the end of July.

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Samsung Galaxy Y (s5360) Wallpaper - Anne Curtis

How to download this wallpaper into your Samsung Galaxy Y? 

Click on download link or click this image thumbnail and it will open in a single image, point your mouse to the image, right click and save image as, save it to your PC and you can have it be installed into your Android SGY.

Free Anne Curtis Wallpaper for Samsung Galaxy Y
Free Anne Curtis Wallpaper for Samsung Galaxy Y (S5360)

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