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Samsung Galaxy S3 ClockWorkMod Recovery Installation and Rooting Guide

What do I get from Installing ClockWorkMod on my Galaxy S3 and Rooting it?

Installing CWM or ClockWorkMod and Rooting it will allow you to have the privilege to install Custom ROMs in your mobile phone.

But by doing it, you must always remember that installing ClockWorkMod into your Samsung Galaxy S3 and rooting your device may lose your data and may void it’s warranty, so it is highly been advised that making a back-up is a great deal.

Preparations on installing the ClockWork Mod application:

·         Install the “android adb drivers”.
·         Download the Latest CWM Recovery Package and extract this into your PC (Note: don’t extract .tar file).
·         Download application Odin  (Odin-mirror download) and extract also into your PC.
·         Download CockWorkMod Manager
·         Download CWM SuperUser or download it from Google PLAY Store.
·         Install Samsung KIES and the USB Drivers in your computer to make sure the compatibility connection of your Samsung Galaxy S3 device and PC.
·         Charge your device into full or the minimum of 60% to avoid interruption while installing the ClockWorkMod application.
·         USB cable, preferably the original one in which it is well-matched to your PC and the Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT i9300)

Now if all things are ready and set to go, open the application Odin in your PC and enable the USB Debugging Mode from the path “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging” on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Steps for installing the CWM on Samsung Galaxy S3:
•    Turn off your device (mobile phone) and disconnect it from the your PC.
•    Press the “Volume down Key”, “Home button” hold both simultaneously and press the Power Button to enter the Download Mode.
•    Connect your Galaxy S3 to your PC by using of course the USB.
•    If ODIN application displays “Successful” under the message and the first “ID:COM” were highlighted in yellow color, your phone is successfully detected.
•    Now check Repartition is NOT ticked and auto reboot ticked and the other options must be leave as is.
•    Click on “PDA” tab on Odin and select the file named CF-SGS3-CWM-v5.5-v1.2.tar.
•    Once you already selected the file, click on “Start” to begin the installation process of Clock Work Mod Recovery. (This will only take a minute or depending on your PC speed).
•    Once done, disconnect your device on PC and wait for the Home Screen.
Now it’s done, you already installed the ClockWorkMod on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Steps for Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S3:
•    If you follow the steps above on installing the CWM, you are ready to root your devices.
•    Turn off your phone or device and boot it into Recovery Mode by pressing the “Hold Volume Up Key”, “Home button” hold both simultaneously and press the “Power Button” to enter the Recovery Mode.
•    Go to ClockWorkMod and select “install zip from sdcard” and “choose zip from the sdcard”.
•    Select from the ClockWorkMod the “CWM-SuperSU” and install it.
•    After you installed the “SuperUser”, go back then and reboot your device.
•    Now you’re done rooting your phone.

This is for educational purposes only, neither we nor the developers should be held responsible if your phone bricked or damaged by following this steps.
Credits: Some of this great ideas are from XDA Developers

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