Sunday, June 10, 2012

a Filipino own Mobile Phones

What phones that are own by Filipino?
Pinoy Pride phones?
Mobile Phones of Philippines?
Philippines cellphone?

I have been ask once about what mobile phones that are own by a Filipino here in the Philippines?

Based on my knowledge and what I had learned, there are already 3 brands of Mobile phones that are successfully made it to the market which is owned by a Filipino company.

My|Phone - first and only Filipino mobile phone brand that offers dual SIM mobility like the mobile clone stuff. It is the first and leading Filipino mobile phone manufacturer in the Philippines, their first introduction of their units was good, I mean the quality of not being easy to damage that you can even throw it out in the window and soak it in the water but still it works like nothing happen.  

CherryMobile - operated by Cosmic Technologies Incorporated, is a Filipino mobile phone and electronics company founded by Maynard Ngu in 2008, a priced-friendly mobile phones that is good for Filipinos. Their first released was impressive, good in quality and the price is very welcome to pocket of the pinoy.

and lately, Torque Mobile that is also own by a Filipino company.

These are the three (3) mobile phones that I've known so far that are own by the Filipino company.

Now that there are local companies that are already been manufacturing this mobile devices, there are no reasons that local users/consumers can’t afford to buy one.

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