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The 3 Major Mobile Phone OS Review

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Mobile cellular telephones have become an essential instrument in our lives nowadays, the enjoyment by an individual communication functions slowly to the Internet, entertainment, games, camera, music, videos and other diversified development. People began to pursue more powerful on well-informed system, more personalised service, the intelligent system has almost become necessary on behalf of the constellation in this era of mobile telephones.
In 2012, along with the the depth popularity of the 3G network, the smart phone market has undergone a tremendous change, this year, many of the old Intelligence system bit by bit bowed out from the level of history, Android, iOS, WindowsPhone became the most impressive supporter in the arena.

Passim June, Apple and Microsoft introduced iOS6 and WindowsPhone8 while Google will released in the fall the Android5.0 platform, then let us translate the position on the three major OS.

iOS6.0Beta (
iOS6.0Beta review)

First note that certain Apple's iOS, is to grant user to have a more particular version of the smartphones due to the introduction of the Apple iPhone, not only created the myth of Apple's own, but also the entire mobile phone industry into another new area . Carrying on the iPhone iOS system after five years of development, in June 2012 to successfully upgrade to the latest version iOS6.

iOS operating system developed for the iPhone by Apple, it is mainly to the iPhone, iPodtouch, iPad and AppleTV. With iOS6 the launch, Apple has also accelerated the pace to seize the high-end market. The upgrade does not let many fruit powder "disappointment, the new system has more than 200 updates to make many changes for the Chinese mainland market, iOS6 system will provide users with a better operating experience.
At present, the "king" status of the Apple iPhone in the mobile phone industry in a short time does not change the charm of the iPhone and iOS will continue to worldwide popularity. I believe that with the introduction of the sixth generation of the shortly after the iPhone, iOS will achieve greater market share.

Android 4.0.5 (
Android 4.0.5 review)

Android from the launch date until the present, is growing faster than it is hard to imagine just a few years time, by an original rookie became today's mobile phone giant, developed into a number of outputs that support great platform, and the number of software applications updated at a rapid pace, began to move toward their own road to glory.

Nowadays prominent among intelligence platform, Android's success is inseparable from its "open source" in the form of a launch was welcomed by the major mobile phone manufacturers and users has made up rapid growth of. The Android smartphone platform, mobile phone brands in the market, including the number of domestic mobile phone makers, including Samsung, Motorola, Sony, LG and many other international manufacturers, as well as HTC, Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE.

WindowsPhone8 (
WindowsPhone8 review)

Not only the current Microsoft is the equivalent for the current Nokia WindowsPhone system is beyond question the only weapon to fight back Apple iOS and Google Android. However, relative to both soar, the market share of WindowsPhone is difficult to contend with, so to make a change that is to go with the flow.

It is understood that Google will launch Android5.0 version of the system this fall, when the will is a telephone system wars. June 21, Microsoft's new WindowsPhone8 be looked upon a great leap forward for the platform, Microsoft is an important bet. The new system supports multi-core processors, the new two higher screen resolution support, built-in the IE10 mobile browser, such as Nokia Maps, while WindowsPhone8 also the introduction of NFC technology, mobile payments more bin.

No doubt, Although WindowsPhone release to the mobile phone market has brought a brief impact, but the future pattern of short-term market still is dominated by iOS and Android, more focus will be gathered between the two. For now, WindowsPhone far to reach the point where the two compete, so is new WindowsPhone8, the future also need to have a long way to go. 

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