Thursday, June 28, 2012

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Ten (10) Major Upgrades

From Google in a keynote address at the first directly into the issue commenced to enclose the new features of the Jelly Bean (Android 4.1).

The Version of Android 4.1 which is downloadable from (Android 4.1 download) is still belong to the Android 4.XX series, and isn't a great upgrade, so no significant change in the function, specified the user interface is basically the same, but the change in the details of the function is still worthy of attention. Several small changes are paving the way to a satisfying rescript of the next Android system, here is the Google I / O Developers Conference 2012 announced the Android 4.1 ten (10) main features and upgrade.

1. Obviously it runs faster under the project to promote the Project Butter

The keynote address, Google will load ICS and Jelly Bean different systems of two generations of Galaxy the Nexus run and operating speed of response by 300 / sec high-speed camera photographed contrast, the Jelly bean were the system running speed improved significantly.

2. When the mobile touch display screen, the chip performance to maximize, with triple buffering, you'll be able to make the video play more smooth

Prior to the Android system has been picked apart a little touch operation experience isn't iOS platform, on the one hand, touch received larger hardware configuration, configuration, lower Android smartphones, touch operation smooth enough. On the other hand is even higher configuration of the Android smartphone, touch of fluency iOS platform are still far from its core difference that the mobile phone operating system touch operation of the operational performance of distribution, this Android change When the phone touch display screen, the chip to maximize the performance, will help to enhance the touch experience.

3. The Widget plug-in can automatically move to a different layout of the main interface to re-size

This is an interface to change human nature, earlier in the Android system, Widgets, the size of some, such as 3x2 or 3x3 icon's size, if you want a Widget placed in one of the main screen, but the remaining place icon The lack of space can not be the Widget on the screen, the Jelly Bean upgrade to change this Widget automatically adjust to accommodate the existing regional

4. Google Play upgrades: Intelligent software upgrading and television magazine to join

Google Play electronics market two important upgrade is the Jelly Bean's progress, including the intelligent software upgrade, you can download only the incremental application upgrade, without having to download the entire new application. The other is the purchase of new entrants to the magazines and television programs, television programs can be set to buy, can also be a one-time purchase of the contents of the entire season, the magazine for a free trial 14 days, and can be synchronized between different devices of the mobile phone tablet.

5. The enhanced virtual keyboard text input, with herald reminder function

Text input to add more smart tips to help users auto-complete text input, and to predict and contribute to more rapid input. Google Voice, Google Android built-in keyboard does not support Chinese input, so this indicates that the function is different from the Chinese version of Google Pinyin input method.

6. The enhanced camera functions, camera, you can quickly share
The camera features have significantly improved, a very important point that the camera speed is very fast, even if you do not know the photos are stored. Jelly Bean on the details of the improvements, animation camera store photos.

On the other hand, the enhanced camera functions including camera can more easily share.

7. Enhanced notification center, directly in the notification center back
Directly in the notification center can call back and Gmail notification of replies directly and quickly.

8. The natural semantic search function, similar to Siri
Google search escalated over again joined the understanding of natural semantics. Video demonstration, voice search can identify the U.S. Space Needle (the Space Needle, a landmark building), can also define a robot, or even to identify the Prime Minister of Japan.

9. Android Beam, upgrade
Android Beam, you can send video and photos, share photos and videos between two NFC-enabled Android device can also be connected to the NFC-enabled Bluetooth devices.

10. Google Now intelligent search function
Google Now is an optional feature, according to the calendar, traffic map, location, search history, to predict some of the information. If the user is away from the bus station close to you get traffic information. If walking down the street, it can automatically obtain the information of nearby restaurants.

Google can also tell the user, based on traffic conditions, bus arrangements, and when to leave and appointment better. Users can get the latest sports games scores, which is based on the user's search history to determine.

These are the ten (10) major upgrade in the Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean", other upgrades include enhanced Android 4.1 voice input, the system language to support new languages, including Farsi, Hindi, Thai, and enhance the the Ho Arab language and Eber were to the support of the language. Jelly Bean strengthen the blind, allowing them to voice input, and mixed with some simple text gestures. Google has also introduced the PDK development kit, easy to use hardware development. 

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