Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Best 2 tips or tricks to save more power on Android Phones

The SmartPhone recognized by the "short board" the costs of electricity. Android phones especially the bigger one that display,  the phone's power consumption is often the greater, so many smartphone users are always considering how to give smartphone a saving, not a day charge. So we should be aware of the power-saving method of the smartphone.

1. The first tip of the power-saving technique

System optimization settings

Plainly, we need to manually adjust the way of the phone so that the permanent background of the program becomes less, the greater use of "which means" the way to reduce power consumption. Such as GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, background data, and automatically synchronize these functions could be set through with the system shut off in the day-to-day standby time, and so open in the demand to use.

Basic and good setting for the Internet, open the "Settings" → "wireless network settings" → "mobile network" inside, select the "only use the GSM network option for 3G smartphones this is to reduce power consumption; or mobile phone adjusted manually, and in the case of indoor make the brightness adjustment to a minimum, this can also reduce a lot of power consumption.

2. The second measure of the power-saving technique

Adjust the CPU frequency

To save more power, in fact, the Android system is connected to the native CPU automatically that adjust the frequency of the design, the case is not connected to the Internet or run the program, its CPU will run at a lower frequency to save battery power. This way energy saving effect is still limited, if you want to further extend the standby time which is the best way to naturally be able to manually reduce the frequency, especially when you forget to bring the charger, just don't need to use the phone frequently to the Internet or play games a lot, Android phone CPU underclocking is the most effective protection of electricity.

Summary, a simple two-trick set method can extend your cell phone battery.


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