Saturday, June 30, 2012

10 Apps must be installed after iPhone 4S Jailbreak

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iPhone jailbreak isn't just only about to install pirated software system, more than experience that appreciation the system of privileges!

Here is the 10 deb plug-ins must be installed in the iPhone4S jailbreak to make more convenient on your iOS

1. AppSync - jailbreak and iTunes sync cracked ipa patch (must be installed)

the appsync your itunes piracy. the ipa file formats can be synchronized synchronization software installed on your iPad and iPhone a

2. iProtect safety lock - you don't want to let others get into the software

To your application, photo albums, SMS, SIM cards locked. Support ipad and iphone; I 4.3.3 test no problem.

3. iFile powerful file manager - the management of unlimited ipad any file

Powerful file manager; management ipad any document - including mobile, paste, copy, create a folder link, extract, compress, upload and download, search, edit files, play audio and video files; basically comparable to the pc similar functionality.

4. activator of - the most convenient gesture shortcuts

The activator is a software usually use gestures rather than some action (eg, press the Home key, press the volume key to open) to control the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch. Using this software can effectively reduce the loss rate of the Home key and other keys .. (3Gs ah .. you die Cana ..) Additionally, many other software to use the activator with, for instance sbsettings. Now to introduce the use of this software.

5. Backgrounder - backgrounder is from iOS3, I started with the plug-in, and the real software plug-ins for background operation, when iOS4 support background, I did not feel surprised.

6. install0us SBS - allows you to directly download IPA ios device

install0us ipa format software installation; make you a simple download and install the ipad and iphone

7. Sbsetting - your iPad features become stronger

an sbsettings system plug-in switch, software, quick set up, system process management, software icons hidden software path to find and can be extended to add more plug-in switch, and many other features as one of the powerful tool

8, Applinks - allows you to move on quickly to find the directory ipa software on the iPhone

Applinks allows you to quickly find the App directory software, instead of slowly in a lot of confusion characters directory to find the target.

9. BiteSMS 5.3 official version - iPhone SMS forwarding easily

The iPhone accompanies SMS functionality is a bit simple function, it can delete SMS, forward SMS.

10, Notified Pro - Improved iPhone push notifications artifact

As we all know, ios push notifications would only use a "bad" word to describe. The fruit powder is not used now and then distressed Notified Pro to help you improve your iPhone push notification system.

How to install these plug-ins? Head on Cydia and Search for it.

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