Monday, June 25, 2012

The Difference of All Versions in Android SDK

Android 1.0 first edition of the commercial operating system
Android 1.1 update some of the API to add some features, bug fixes, while increasing package

Android 1.5

Intelligent virtual keyboard to use widgets for desktop personalization folder (Live Folder) quickly browse the online digital video recording and sharing images upload faster standards-compliant browser, the Voice search voice search stereo Bluetooth and hands-free phone

Android 1.6

Completely redesigned the Android Market, you can display more screenshots gesture support allows developers to generate gesture library for an application to support the CDMA network: China Telecom users can expect the Android phone in EVDO TXT-2-Speech support the pronunciation of more languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Quick Search Box, direct search including contacts, music, browsing history, bookmarks and other mobile content a new camera interface: the new version of the camera startup speed 39%, 28% reduction in delay in taking pictures between
Consumption view of application: This is just great, which software to consume much power, now met with a contingent of new difficulties for the visually or hearing the crowd's ease of use plug-linux kernel upgrade to 2.6.29

Other: support for more screen resolutions, such as WVGA, QVGA, etc.

Android 2.0

The file structure changes to optimize the entire operation fluency has been greatly improved its own Chrome Lite browser Join Now double-click the screen to zoom support the strengthening of the social networking functions, such as Facebook friends integration to the contact function strengthen the control of the speech recognition search.
The entire system many supports voice control, and has a separate control panel, Google Maps service updates, adding a new navigation system, even more than to change jobs more advanced navigation software added native Microsoft Exchange e-mail service support provides a number of different account, unified mail inbox just double-click you can upload pictures to YouTube
Optimize the driving experience, the new "Car Home" application provides easy-to-link for each function can easily use the voice control function, user-friendly driving

Android 2.1

Can bind more than one Google account wireless controls have VPN settings to increase the connection to the PC settings to enhance the conversion function of language and sound, and added text to speech conversion new dial-up interface, keys bigger and easier to operate

More Desktop Widget

The new Google Maps using the Google Maps navigation feature a new browser version, and to strengthen the stability and page rendering capabilities of the global search function to strengthen the new Market program, the search faster and more reasonable layout

Android 2.2

Full support for Flash 10.1

The application automatically upgrade, so upgrade to a more humane to support applications to the Linux kernel will be upgraded to the latest 2.6.32 version installed in the external memory, the system is more stable to further optimize the system performance, so that the phone has more memory to run the trajectory this new feature of the ball LED lights change color 3D performance optimization, more powerful 3D performance FM function will also be fully supported in the new system

Android 2.3

User interface, more beautiful and improve their gaming experience to enhance the multimedia capabilities to increase official process management to improve power management NFC near field communication global download manager new virtual keyboard native support for pre-front camera SIP VoIP


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