Sunday, June 24, 2012

Huawei's first Windows Mobile Phone will be release at the end of 2012

Huawei is one of the four partners of Microsoft's Windows Mobile Phone Operating System.

 It may seem strange, as compared with the other three vendors ( Nokia , Samsung , HTC ), the Chinese company so far has not yet created ​​any Windows mobile phone. But that does not mean Huawei for Windows phone is not serious.
We know that the next few months, Huawei will work to design its first Windows mobile phone devices, and now we have confirmed the time of its release, the devices is equipped with the Windows operating system, the devices are named Huawei of Ascend and will appeared before 2013.

Huawei 's first Windows Mobile Phone will be the first listing in the United States, Europe and China, followed by other regions. It is viewed that these three areas will be listed in the 2012's, when other regions seem to wait until next year.

Earlier rumors that Huawei 's WP 8 devices will be as cheap, the price of $ 300 or so (of course not subsidized), let us look forward to the emergence of a phone.


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