Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meizu M9 Flyme OS Firmware / Custom ROM

Looking for a new ROM or firmware to flash your Meizu M9?

Download link below is what I had found, the newest of the mobile phone firmware that has just been released from the Meizu website.

Note: This is the newest firmware for Meizu M9 and it is not yet been an official version and also been considered by the site to be a spoilage, so take a necessary preventive precautions before flashing your Meizu M9.

  • Type of file:            Meizu M9 firmware
  • Interface:            custom rom
  • Android Version: 4.0.0-3100 
  • Size:                    118.58 MB
  • Date release.: 2012-05-23
  • The applicable region: Global use (supports many languages)
Meizu M9

From the features that I've discovered, it is quite good. The qwerty keyboard looks quite simple, running in an OS Flyme is actually great but CM is far better. But who knows, we are in a different point of taste.

How to use or update this to Meiz M9"

First, always bear in mind that installing or flashing a ROM or firmware into your device; you must always make a back-up, especially the most important file that you had put into your mobile devices (e.g. your mobile phones "the Meizu M9). Copy the downloaded file to your device by using your PC (computer) and follow this steps with self without hesitations;
  • Shutdown your phone.
  • Boot your phone by pressing the shutdown and volume up buttons simultaneously.
  • Check “clear you data” to clear all your data from the Meizu M9 (which is recommended, otherwise you might encounter several bugs and a force-closes).
  • Tap the “upgrade” button.
Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only, neither we nor the developers should be held responsible if your phone bricked or damaged by following this steps. 

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