Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Google Releases the Android 4.1 OS codename "Jelly Beans" + review

Google Releases the Android 4.1 OS codename "Jelly Beans" with review.

Google 2012 I / O developer on the General Assembly. Google briefing, released the Android 4.1 operating system, the Nexus 7 Tablet computer, the Nexus Q-play device, Google glasses three hardware products, and released the Andriod devices, applications store, Google + the latest operational data.

Android 4.1 operating system is the first surprise of the conference, code-named "jelly beans" (Jelly Bean) will push to the users in mid-July, the first batch of gear to upgrade the Galaxy the Nexus, the Nexus S cell phones and Motorola Xoom tablet.

Likened to the previous generation of operating system, Android 4.1 system has a higher number of frames, not only the system shows a better overall user interaction interface is smooth.

The new system, the input method has greatly improved.

First is the keyboard input has improved, can predict better on the input. At the same time, the new system voice input function while offline. Slightly lacking in the local voice input method is currently only supports English, I believe Google follow-up support for more languages.

Android 4.1 system has significantly improved the function of the notification center. The new system, the notification center can directly display pictures, but as well can't open applications, photo sharing to social networking.

Additionally, the search function in the new system has also have a number of improvements, not only the new user interface, better support speech recognition, integration of Google Now function.

The new search feature integrated "knowledge map" feature, Google will be supported the semantics given to the nearest search results. What is the definition of for example, the user enters "android", Google will directly give the answer to this problem, instead of a traditional search results page.

Google Now is the highlight of the new search function, by analyzing the user's search history, Google schedule and location, Google will give users the most seasonable and effective information. For example, users have a schedule, Google Now can help users to reach the conference venue promptly, if you take the bus, Google will tell you to reach the bus terminal will take a long time, the next bus will be the moment to arrive.

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