Wednesday, June 27, 2012

HTC Mobile Phone USB Driver (Generic Version) 1.0.0007

How to setup the usb driver for the phone: 

Be sure to check the settings -> Application Management -> Development -> USB debugging, and then select OK. Then connect the USB, Windows will find the Android phone, the phone plug in the USB connected to the computer, and then jump out of the driver installation wizard, choose to manually select the driver location, and then point from where you save the downloaded driver files, and start the installation.

The first step: connect your computer to open the phone to enter the "Settings" - "Applications" - "development"-USB debugging tick the second step: Download the appropriate driver of the mobile phone and install it to your computer, the drive to extract the computer, mobile phone connected to the computer and drive

The detailed steps are as follows:
Right to open the My Computer Management - Device Manager, under normal circumstances there should be one of the ADB ** exclamation icon

Right-click on the exclamation icon, select "Update Driver"
Next. . . . Select Install from list or specific location

Next. . .

Click Browse, locate the storage location of adb or the driver

Find the corresponding version of the system, click OK generally can handle. If not properly installed, then the downloaded driver is not completed.

HTC phone USB driver for models:
Desire (G7) Legend (G6) Hero (G3) DesireHD (A9191) Aria (G9) EVO4G Tattoo (G4) Magic (G2) T-MobileG2 A8180 (G7) Incredible Dream (G1) Dragon (G5) Wildfire (G8) DesireZ I EVO4G (Sprit) Hero200 MyTouch4G A3366 (wildfire) myTouch3GSlide Ace IncredibleHD Knight DroidEris and so on;


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