Friday, June 22, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Font Installation

Installing fonts on Samsung Galaxy Y or changing fonts could be as easy as counting a cows. Why counting cows? because you will spend some of your time searching for cows and your money cause it needs to or you could spend nothing if you can get it for Free.

To do this, if you want it in the "easiest way" the basic steps of course:

Note: by following this steps,  this would ensure that your mobile phone will be safe.

1. Connect your mobile phone into PC or Laptop using the usb cord while opening the Samsung Kies application and let it detect your devices (to make sure that your mobile device is connected to pc); 
2. Open your internet browser like, M firefox, G chrome or Windows internet explorer;
3. Type in the address bar "" without the quotes;
4. In the search box, type "fonts for samsung galaxy sp" without this (");
5  Look for Fonts for Galaxy SP and if you find it just install it to your mobile phone;
6. Disconnect your mobile phone to the pc;
7. On your phone open the App and let it download any fonts you want;
9. To use the font:
             go to, Settings --> display --> Screen Display --> Font Style

That's it! you can change the font of your Samsung Galaxy Y.

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