Monday, June 25, 2012

Motorola RAZR will have an Android 4.0 upgrade

Samsung and HTC pushing the Android 4.0 operating system for more models which is planned in June and July , apparently Motorola could not stand with it, Motorola's flagship model blade series Droid the RAZR and the RAZR Maxx will be upgraded to the Ice Sandwich Android 4.0 too by OTA push.


Upgraded Droid the RAZR and the RAZR Maxx, will have more new features, including the new lock screen, main screen, desktop components, contacts, applications, browser, button, icon, voice input, the camera application settings and notification interface and so on. The new lock screen interface on the message, dial-up, camera and unlock the four shortcut keys, also supports the state of the lock screen music controls.


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