Friday, June 29, 2012

HTC Mobile "S-OFF" Guide for Beginners

Here it is, my update for the HTC Phone Recovery Guides / Tutorials for Beginner...

Check first if your HTC Devices are in S-On or S-OFF State;

Step 1: In the settings > power > Quick Launch: Uncheck this one.

Step 2: Turn Off your devices

Step 3: Hold down the power button + volume down key until your machine to appear in HBoot

Step 4: The first line, if the display for the SAGA PVT SHIP S-ON RL, our focus here is on the S-ON, then your machine is protected by locks;

Step 5: See the second line, HBOOT-0.98.0002 or 0000 a note of this string of numbers

Step 6: Remove the battery to turn off the machine, and re-inserted back into the battery boot

Now let's start the preparation for that.

1: Go to Settings >>>> the development of applications >>>> USB debugging: tap for it

2: Install the drivers for your phone. . . HTC Driver Download

Operating procedure:

Description: "HBOOT 0.98.0000 Version and the 0.98.0002 version (if unsuccessful, may be one more step - see below Failure Analysis 4) can be soft solution. Hong Kong version, European version does not matter, soft solution.

There are soft solution, contacts, SMS, previously installed software still does not change. "

If you buy the 0002 version, if you are lucky, and the 0000 version, a process is just one minute

First, enter  ,  ( this can be used) to enter if it won't work. 

3. Download for windows (remember to click and wait for the pop up of a blue box) if it does not appear, please reset the Internet browser, or try to change your IE or the computer.

When you see the download box window, download and save the (this must be downloaded on the site itself, because this can't be shared to other host)

4. Extract the file.

Second, there will be a blue box pop-up

Select windows /

Select the DS /

Select 0.98.0000 or 0.98.0002 /

The last line of input you enter is your mobile phone serial number (S / N).

Setting - on the phone - Device Information - Device serial number

(Note: Device serial number S / N, not the serial number)

Click the Generate key and get the key (note: case-sensitive), then write down the key (Under the use of copy about the page and don't close the browser)

Install HTC sync, mobile phone connected to the computer, connect your phone model selection - only charging, USB debug open ! (In this case is to install the drivers to be properly connected mobile phones and computers)

Normal storage driver path is: C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers (default C drive installation disk)

This step is easy to be disregard:

1. Disconnect the phone connection, shutdown into HBOOT, then connect the computer to see HBOOT USB PLUG, press the power button at this time detect the new device.

2. If your using win7 system, cancel the windows update, install MY HTC drivers automatically. XP users, and cancel the search for drivers manually selected in the back a list of MY HTC driver to complete the mobile computer suggestions to restart under.

3. When the phone is already connected to the computer, only the charge mode open just downloaded the click revolutionary.exe, after the pop-up of the black box

Input the keys (copy and paste) and press the Enter key.

Waiting time: just for more than half an hour to process this procedure 'normally (if stuck in 15 minutes that changed phone connection type - load for the disk, re-try), the phone will automatically reboot into HBOOT state, soon you will find s -on into a s-off, the black box on the computer at the end there will be (Y / N), select N to exit, Congratulations on your S-OFF solution.

Note: If the phone connection was unsuccessful (has to remain fixed in place), your drive may be missing, please download the official synchronization software HTC the sync software that comes with the drive. 

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Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only, neither we nor the developers should be held responsible if your phone bricked or damaged by following this steps. 


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