Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 review, photos and specs

Latest Nokia Lumia family's flagship the Nokia Lumia900 has a large 4.3-inch AMOLED ClearBlack display.  

The visual ability of the AMOLED bright colors and ClearBlack technology in the sun can be described as perfect.  

The the Nokia Lumia900 is the continuation of the exterior design of the Lumia800 one piece polycarbonate body feel perfect thickness compressed to 11.5mm, and the elimination of Lumia 800 screen curvature.

The the Nokia Lumia900 is equipped with a high-pass the Snapdragon 1.4Ghz frequency processor, with 512MB of RAM +16 GB of ROM storage space, the Nokia Lumia900 also has 800 pixels - Karl Zeiss lens Certification support NFC technology, the 7.5 operating system running in Windows Mobile. 

Product packaging of Nokia Lumia900's design, still using the blue to fit the main color, the volume of the box than Nokia Lumia800 is slightly larger.

The Nokia Lumia900 is larger than the Nokia Lumia800 in difference is canceled in the Lumia900 the top of the fuselage, the Micro-usb interface protective cover directly exposed on the top of the fuselage, at a glance Micro-SIM card slot in next to him is still a regular SIM.

Nokia Lumia900 still can not replace the battery's design, the body form whole and can't be opened. The back of the fuselage is 8 million pixels, Carl - Zeiss Certified camera coupled with LED flash, and then you can capture your favorite moments anytime, anywhere, and record every moment of life.

This device is listed in June 2012, its exquisite workmanship reflects Nokia 's sincerity and carefully crafted. The Nokia Lumia900 likely to become Nokia's another classic.

Nokia Lumia 900 Features

Network standard GSM & WCDMA Standby mode Single-card multi-mode
System interface Windows Phone 7.5 The main screen parameters 4.3 inch 16 million color
The main screen resolution 480x800 The main camera 8 million pixels


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