Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Update: Mozilla Firefox for Android Devices Updated

Mozilla announced today June 27, 2012 - that they released the comprehensive upgrade on Firefox for the Android mobile browser, including the integration of the new design of the appearance on the Android UI, performance improvement and the third-party plug-ins such as Flash in Google Play Store supported.

Firefox for Android has a efficient looking and a personalized start page. The freshly bright address screen support Firefox synchronization, the user can view all browsing history, bookmarks, passwords and form data in Android phones. In addition, the upgrade much have duplicated some of the features of Firefox for desktop users, such as tabbed browsing, Firefox Sync and Firefox extensions, etc. to optimize.

The addition in support for Flash, Firefox began to support for Android Flash, users can watch videos, play games, and more interaction on the phone. Users in Google Play Store must first download and install the Adobe Flash, then on Firefox for Android enabled it.

Firefox for Android mobile browser based with the Firefox browser and the desktop version of the same open technology platform to provide the highest level of privacy and security features. Firefox respects your privacy has been committed by such as "Do not follow the master password, HTTP strict transport security features to protect users' safety.

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Update: Mozilla Firefox for Android Devices Updated


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