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HTC Phone Recovery Guides / Tutorials for Beginners.

HTC Mobile Phone Recovery Guides / Tutorials and tool for Beginners.

Knowledge for quick learning:

ROOT, RADIO, RECOVERY What does these terms really mean to you?

ROOT, which is equivalent to the Administrator under the WINDOWS a superuser. With ROOT permissions, you can fully control the phone and  do anything as you want on any configuration you may like. This privileges, may be unable to install/uninstall any program or applications, unable to use some of that may affect the operation of the system functionality.

RADIO, the communication module. The RADIO if it is good or bad can also bear upon the quality of callings, the quality of WIFI connections, GPS positioning and the quality of network signals on which may be related to.

RECOVERY, a little like the functionality of the System Restore Tool or the System Restore Wizard on Windows PC in which you can flash or install ROMs or firmwares, partitioning SD cards, backups, restoring, clearing or cleaning data/s, registry restoration, system restoration and so on...

ROM/s, the phone's operating system (as we all know, it is the Android Platform or the Android Operating System) which is the tantamount to the operating system of WINDOWS XP, W7, VISTA ... and so on,

Different ROM/s means, it is equivalent of using a different version of operating system installed on your/our computers/laptops. The difference is that, any version of the systems had different mode of operations, the functions as what I’ve tried to emphasize.

For instance, on technical side of theory or on the actual side of human experience, there are three categories that characterize the ROM/s.

1. SENSE (take a moment and imagine sense, - an operating system of experience that you may feel good or nothing)
2. CM7 (a simple and smooth operating system)
3. MIUI (a very smooth user interface is somewhat' somehow similar to IOS or the iPhone Operating System)

For having to own Smartphone devices, we tend to look for several resources to find great many tips, tricks, tutorials and or even hacking on our system devices. But sometimes, we are wasting huge time and efforts finding resources that actually solve it or give a good score on our best part, so it takes a lot of great patience and courage on our part (sometimes I don’t have this both.. LOL.. Joke!).

So as a part of this exploration, I'd like to share a detailed course on how to flash HTC Devices into the Recovery that works.

Preparation: Make sure that the phone is already been to the S-OFF status.
(If ever your phone has not yet been modified to the S-OFF state, don’t be worry about it bcoz I’ve been working on my next tutorial for S-OFF solution on HTCDevices)

Now let’s start with the step for RECOVERY;

1. Download the Recovery ROM from here (
2. You don't need to rename or modify the file name and extension of this file, just put it or save directly into your mobile phone SD card.
3. Turn phone off. (Make sure that the phone is completely on shut down state)
4. Now the next step is to press the phone volume down key and hold, then hold the power button. Phone vibrate after a few seconds, let it go, and then head-on to the HBOOT interface.
5. Let the system detect the SD card automatically on PG88IMG file, as shown in the image below
6. As what you’ve seen on the image above (that it is already been detected), just press the volume down to choose the upgrade, and press the volume to go for the upgrade.
7. By following the steps above, the upgrade should be completed and press the power button to restart or reboot.

Now, after the Recovery is Done.

We would also like to delete the file from SD card the, or into the HBOOT will be prompted for phone to update.

You are now ready to re-enter the phone's Home Screen.

Actually, this is my update to my previous post on HTC flash tutorials that it takes me sometimes to finish figuring it out (which best suits for newbie’s).

Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only, neither we nor the developers should be held responsible if your phone bricked or damaged by following this steps. 

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