Thursday, June 14, 2012

Free VoIP App from RebTel for Android Tablet users

RebTel had released their new VoIP App for Android tablet after the iPad version which is free to download at Google PLAY

In case you don't know about RebTel;

RebTel works like Skype and it is the Largest VoIP provider in the world with more than 17 million of users around the globe and still increasing everyday.

Because of it's low-cost calling and texting service providing, they claimed that their rates are far lesser than the rates at Skype and apart from calling services, they also provides an international SMS services at a price which might be a 60 per cent lesser than what you’d paid on your current carrier. And this might be the reason why they gain more users everyday

Similar to the iPad app, this one also takes advantage of the extra screen estate, showing more information on a single screen.

Rebtel App download (Google Play)


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