Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 for only $0.01 (Amazon)

Microsoft upgrade made on WP8 limit, does really hurt a lot on the old users, but also Nokia into a very awkward position. Following the German operators T-Mobile prohibits the introduction of the device, the Amazon has the price of a cabbage that quickly selling it.

While Nokia has a vague commitment that Lumia 900 will continue to get updates, but would definitely not get WP8 update, or many consumers away from this phone and even Lumia series. Formally supported the situation overseas, Amazon began selling at the price of $ 0.01 on the Black Lumia 900 (AT & T version, limited to two days).

In addition, the British media has brought the news that some large national retailers and operators would soon start selling Lumia 900 plan, don't know Nokia will feel for this phenomenon.

Links to amazon: Nokia Lumia 900 for only $0.01 

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