Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meizu MX Firmware 4.0.3-1037

Flashing Meizu MX firmware; you must rename this file to let the system recognize into "update.bin" or "" depending on the version of your phone.

Firmware Features:

·  Type: Meizu MX Firmware
·  Interface: Native
·  Version: 4.0.3-1037 beta
·  Size: 101.88 MB
·  Day of.: 2012-03-31
·  The applicable region: Global
·  Download links: here or here

Recent issues:

1. Original Android 4.0 does not support Meizu's backup and recovery mode, can have a high bit rate or format a music and video, Bluetooth and apk file file transfer, no default IE browser (recommended to download in store "Google-Play");

2. It is not yet fully compatible with the 2.3 system;

Developer recommended to use only "USB debugging", "keep awake" and "allows analog sites, and other options used with precaution;

So if you want to try to test this ROM / Firmware, just make it sure to back-up all important data, contacts, important messages and so on.

And always remember, when flashing a firmware or ROM, always let it finish installing and don't make any interruptions while the processes is still going on unto your phone. In this way, you avoiding the bricking of your mobile device.

Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only, neither we nor the developers should be held responsible if your phone bricked or damaged by following this steps. 

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