Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BlackBerry 10 mobile phone screen resolution or higher than the iPhone 4S

According to American Technology website reported leaked RIM BlackBerry 10 product agate line, theoretical parameters, RIM will launch a new full touch screen smartphone, the screen resolution "retina" display iPhone 4S.

Leaked RIM BlackBerry 10 product line parameters
Leaked out RIM BlackBerry 10 product lines

Vulnerability of the technical parameters carried in 10 L of a full touch screen BlackBerry, and N-series QWERTY keyboard. L-series of products with 768x1280 resolution, the screen width of 55 mm. The N series products with 720x720 resolution, the screen width of 52-53 mm.

RIM lately suffered a series of bad news. , An analyst at Morgan Stanley expected the release of the BlackBerry products this fall will be delayed due to financial problems, while RIM may need to lay off 90 percent to survive.


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