Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Unlocking your Apple iPhone 4 mobile phone

One of Top 20 Best Mobile Phones of Today is Apple iPhone 4 according to TECHRADAR.

If it wasn't for the reception issue, the iPhone 4 would have probably topped our charts long ago - and now dual-core phones have emerged with superior specs and design.

The iPhone 4 is certainly no exception - in fact, it may be Apple's most successful launch yet, despite some bumps on the road.

Now, if you want to unlock your new iPhone 4 the safest way?

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And if you want to do it your self, watch the video below:

Video Tutorial for Unlocking iPhone 4

Unlocking an iPhone allows it to be used with unsupported carriers (ex. T-Mobile instead of AT&T in the U.S.) and the iPhone 4 unlock was released on Tuesday, August 3, 2010 at around 11:30 PM PST by the iPhone Dev-Team. This is incredibly simple to unlock your iPhone 4. Here's the steps:

1. Jailbreak your iPhone 4
2. Open Cydia,Manage,Sources,Edit,Add
3. Add the source:
4. Remove SIM card if haven't already
5. Search for and install ultrasn0w
6. Reboot iPhone

If no signal is found, go to Settings and turn on Airplane Mode, then turn it off. If you still have no signal, reboot the iPhone.


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