Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nokia N8 Anna Release Date

Nokia holds at last revealed shipping dates for the bringing out of its New Symbian 3 Anna software system update for current devices, including the Nokia N8

Symbian Anna takes afresh optical look to the operating system with new bubbly icons, which are reminiscent from Samsung’s TouchWiz icons. In addition, beyond the skinning, there are as well a number of fresh improvements to Anna, including a portrait-oriented full QWERTY keyboard, better browser, updates to Ovi Maps, and a new social messaging client:

If you already own one of these devices, Symbian Anna available starting July 2011

Symbian Anna features

Upgrading to afresh look phone is free and easy. You can update your device with your PC or Over-The-Air (OTA) from the software updater in the phone.

The Symbian Anna upgrade eases up you with a set of new icons, a faster web browser, better text input and enhanced maps. In other words, your phone will get a free remake, establishing you for a better experience while remaining dependable and easy to use.

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