Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LG Optimus 2x Driver Download

Are you looking for drivers for you lg optimus 2x driver download?

I have found this page on the net and hope this could help.

How to install USB driver?

1. Download the LG Mobile Support Tool to your Windows computer from LG
2. Install it, and while the phone is DISCONNECTED open the program.
3. Under the Options & Help menu, choose Country & Language. Set Singapore as your country, and English as your language (unless you prefer another of the listed languages. Hillbilly was not listed.)
4. Next, on the main window choose to install the USB driver, and choose LGP500 as the model number.
5. Wait while the app downloads and installs 4 or 5 separate drivers.
6. On your Optimus One, enable USB debugging and plug it in.


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