Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The HTC Trophy Cellular Phone Review

The HTC Trophy represents among Verizon’s new Window’s mobile phones. It supports a 5-megapixel camera, Xbox Live games, Office and Outlook for productiveness, and features Netflix support – all in a bundle design. At USD 100, the Trophy is likewise budget priced. We had a look to assure if it can liken to higher priced mobile phones as well as those with other operating systems.

The HTC Trophy comes out a small, unassuming, cardboard box. They include the phone; a USB charging cable; a wall plug with retractable prongs that is applied with the USB cable for charging up from a wall outlet; a set of hard ear buds; two thin, soft covers and a clip for the ear buds; a mixture of Consumer Information and Product Safety brochures; and a small “Master Your Device” pamphlet.

The phone itself, constitutes all black with a small silver ring around the screen. Measuring 4.67 x 2.42 x 0.47 inches (118.5 x 61.5 x 11.96 mm) and weighing 4.9 ounces (140 grams), it is small and light and fits easily into a hand or pocket. HTC features imparted a soft-touch finish to the entire back and sides of the phone, making it slip-resistant and comfortable to manage. The Trophy is a well-built phone with a solid look and feel.


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