Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to Root Samsung Infuse 4G using SuperOneClick

The SuperOneClick know-how has been approximately for a long whilst, it works at fundamentally every android mobile phone that Is not NAND locked or have other type of lock down puts out like just about Motorola mobile phones have recently. So this ought be a comparatively comfortable matter for anybody who are looking to root, most probable you've done if earlier. Fortunate for you guys matters have pretty simple in the rooting game, before it was a much more involved with undergo. To root your Infuse 4G abide by a few short directions below or ask any questions if you're concerned over at the XDA discussion board.

First Download SuperOneClick v1.9.1 and follow the steps below:

Extra: Samsung Mobile Phones Firmwares


You NEED to put your phone on USB Debugging mode

You NEED to make sure the Android drivers for your phone are installed (usually install once you plug in over usb)

Make sure you DO NOT mount your SD card.

Whenever you all the same can’t acquire something to run, try doing it in recovery mode.

From here you run the SuperOneClick application on your computing device and follow the on-screen directions, they're very easy and in that respect Is not much place for errors and then it should be a fast formula. Cease that and your done.

For those concerned here is a slenderly aged, but very accommodative video recording guide that explicates them. 

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