Thursday, August 18, 2011

Download AbcOrganizer for Android

Organize Applications, Bookmarks and Contacts using labels.

AbcOrganizer allows you to create a "label shortcut" with a custom icon on Android home (long touch on home and select shortcut).

AbcOrganizer is available in Android Market in two versions:

    AbcOrganizer lite: ad-supported version
    AbcOrganizer: full version

Effectively, the application plainly caters a direction to organize application, bookmarks, and contacts into aggroups with user-chosen labels. From each one group comprises and so a "shortcut" that possibly placed with a user-selected icon on whatever of the home screens. Once the shortcut icon is tapped, the application presents a popup panel with apiece of the apps (or bookmarks, contacts, etc.) showed.

The application comes out into 2 flavours. The free edition admits advert in the configuration screens, but is differently free of advert. The paid version has no advertisement. Additionally the paid version supports hierarchical arrangement of the shortcuts so that a group of application could be advance subdivided and another shortcut goups may be accessed from the shortcut panel.

One from the most decent features is the power to select the order of the icons inside a shortcut group according to most oftentimes applied, starred, most recently used, etc. They found this feature to be a important advantage over the GDE "application dock" that (a) needs an entire row of real estate and (b) asserts on an alphabetical arranging of the items.

The configuration screens are well coordinated, granting one to select application to be placed in a particular group or to select multiple groups to connected with a specific application.

As observed, the application program seems to work cleanly with GDE. We have not examined it with other home screen replacements or the default Droid homescreen, but Iwe suspect at that place would be no troubles.

Altogether, it is a great application for those with numerous applications programme they would like to access well and detest the clutter that many icons on the screen shows.

For education purposes only:

Download it here:


To download the full version and with support from the developer head on to the Market Apps Store


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