Thursday, August 11, 2011

Convert Videos for your Mobile Phones using Megui

What is MeGUI converter?

MeGUI is a video converter software, which constituted in the first place designed to constitute a DVD ripper, but comprises capable of numerous transcoding jobs. It's fundamentally a forepart for a lot of free tools around, but as well includes a numeral of utility program* to heighten the conversion action. MeGUI is a costless platform which has numerous attaches with

These tutorial bequeath appearance you on how to convert any Music Video/Movie/Tv Show in .vob to x264 .mkv HQ to economize space on your computing device comfortably keeping as is quality

This could as well be accustomed to convert downloaded .avi/.divx movies/Tv Shows to x264 .mkv comfortably keeping the equal quality Just Open Winamp AAC Settings And Change It To 32 Kbps

Specifications for Megui:


  • DVD (vob through d2v) and other MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 streams receive special input support for demuxing of audio and subtitles, and faster video seeking
  • Any computer video file via AviSynth
 Here's how to Convert Any .vob/.avi/.divx video To x264 using Megui

What you'll need are

(Once installed and you open app if it asks you to update please do so)

and download and install (if you don't already have)

once you have downloaded all of those you will be able to follow my tutorial

Note: You Will Need To add together these Into Megui (don't Copy File Out Of The .Zip Folder)

To Add To Megui Click File Then Click Import Presets Find The .Zip File And Import It

Watch the video below for further wisdom:


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