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HTC Droid Incredible 2 - One of the Best HTC Mobile Phones

At this degree inside the smartphone timeline, a mobile phone like the HTC Droid Incredible 2 might not seem that incredible, specially since the followup to the master copy Droid Incredible sits in the shadow of the powerful 4G LTE-equipped Thunderbolt. And what about the dual-core frenzy, featuring the Motorola Atrix 4G and T-Mobile G2x with 1080p video recording? Though the 3G Incredible 2 might not lie in to the burgeoning Superphone genus, it established itself as a quick, versatile cellular phone that could address numerous things that the goliaths could. This year we patten bigger and more polished screen, new processor, front-facing camera, more RAM, and upgraded Wi-Fi. It's obvious that HTC drew a bead on for a functioning boost with the Incredible 2, and they delivered the goods in that realm. The mobile phone comprises about the size of an iPhone, and so it's ideal for users looking for a more compendious access to putting power in their pouches. Let's forage through the smartphone jungle with the HTC Droid Incredible 2.


Component of the Droid Incredible 2's temptingness is its size. The mobile phone is slenderly larger than an iPhone 4 in all three proportions, but flaunts a larger 4-inch SLCD screen. SLCD screen you say? Yes, the display was initiated by Sony and is called a Super LCD, outdoing the AMOLED screen we'd on the original Droid Incredible. It has more brilliant, more polished, and handles colors better than the AMOLED. So, we have a phone that is within the approximate range of the iPhone 4 when it refers to sizing, but shows off a larger, brighter screen. That's a selling point right there.

The cellular phone likewise receives a 1.3-megapixel front presenting camera for video chats and self portraits, and the phone has an 8-megapixel primary camera with dual LED flash in back. One area the Incredible 2 comes short in is storage. The phone has an 8GB MicroSD card out of the box, but only 1GB of internal storage, totaling 9GB in all. That's not a great deal, peculiarly if you are heavy on multimedia. Either a 16GB card or more internal memory would have been welcome here, as 16 seems to be the charming number these days.

We are stormed HTC cast aside the sexy red interior this year—one of the company's trademark signatures recently. When we bare the asymmetrical plastic backing, there was no idle words—the Incredible 2 just resembled any old Android device. Luckily, the MicroSD card slot was out of the battery bay, which put up the 1450mAh juice box. The rest of the phone is moderately distinctive—3.5mm audio jack, Volume control, open USB terminal, Power/Lock button, and panel of haptic feedback controls along the bottom of the screen. This isn't an incredible design—it's more of a safe bet.

Software and Interface

Though the pattern of the Incredible 2 may not be specially exciting, we can ascertain you that all of the accomplish goes on inside. The first token on the menu is a second-generation 1GHz Snapdragon processor, likened to last year's first-generation chip. Not alone did the cutting-edge processor aid the phone's speed, but its 768MB RAM advance applied tasks and navigation a swift kick in the rear. The smartphone also gave us Wi-Fi Wireless-N connectivity compared to last year's b/g. What does all this mean? The Droid Incredible 2 is a more powerful machine. It was quicker and exhibited less lag than the master copy, which was a leading asset.

The phone in addition to blusters Android 2.2 with the latest version of HTC Sense, which is among the top goes through in the smartphone market. We could now watch videos in the web browser courtesy of the phone's Flash accompaniment, and Sense allowed us to peruse contacts and widgets in elemental style with its unseamed graphics. We could even customise the phone utilizing views, which were alike visibilities for Work, Social, Play, etc. Whatsoever adjustments to a Scene were saved, and it was avid to have split personality on the Droid Incredible 2. Not several phones can beat this interface, we saw it on the HTC Thunderbolt and the HTC Inspire 4G, and it was even as good.


For some particular reason, the HTC Droid incredible 2 had a couple of issues in the Browser. It lagged significantly while we pinched and zoomed in the Browser. It was bad. Double-tapping to zoom was a little laggy, but text wrapped, giving us a clean pane to view. Even scrolling up and down was a broke down, in suspense feel, and we marvel how the heck a phone of this quality in this day and age could give us an Internet performance that got on equivalence with phones from three years past. One incentive was the reality that we could watch YouTube videos in the browser, and we could belittle a page by plainly pinching it down and scrolling over to another page. Internet on the Droid Incredible 2 is pretty and the bright SLCD screen makes it easy to read text, but the bugs need to be exterminated if HTC wants this thing to be competitive against its peers.

Multimedia and Productivity

Though the HTC Incredible 2 isn't charged as an ultimate amusement machine, it can still handle a bevy of multimedia. The phone comes furnished with Verizon's cavalcade of V CAST propaganda, but outside of that, we get Slacker Radio, NFL Mobile, Kindle, Blockbuster, and City ID. Of course, there was the Android Market, where we snagged Pandora and skype, but skype Mobile came preloaded on the phone. The phone is geared for the socialite, offering FriendStream, which is a live status update feed of all our connected contacts from Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more. There was also Mobile IM, which combined AIM, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN, and the Droid Incredible 2 offered a robust Google suite, including Talk, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, and more. Although we didn't have HDMI connectivity or a kickstand, the phone managed to keep us busy for most of the day. We only wish we were given the full versions of Let's Golf 2 and Need for Speed Shift, but alas, this is not a T-Mobile phone.

Call Quality/Battery Life

For 2011, HTC took out the big guns and revamped the Droid Incredible 2's microphone system. We now get noise cancellation, thanks to the implementation of more than one microphone. In our tests, background music was not audible, according to the parties we called. Voice quality on our end was also crisp and clear, so HTC has progressed in this department. One nifty feature on the Droid Incredible 2 was its global connectivity, capable of providing wireless voice and data services in more than 200 countries.

Battery life takes a hit, however, and we think part of it has to do with the phone's super bright screen. After a full day of camera usage, Internet browsing, calling, and general usage, our Droid Incredible 2 review unit needed a charge by nighttime.


This are one area that's remained comparatively unaltered from the master copy Droid Incredible. The Droid Incredible 2 holds over the 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash, but this time about the video resolution is advanced to 720p HD appropriate to contend with its matches. We were as well given HTC's amusing and artistic Image Effects, likewise as automatic Face catching. However, the Droid Incredible 2 lacked Scene modes and its low light sensitivity was grim. Image quality was above average for a phone in this class, but it was that lack of low light sensitivity that really made the phone suffer.

We did enjoy the power to touch focus and toggle the video light while recording video, and the camera's overall controls were sufficient for most users. Another great feature was the phone's ability to apply several Image Effects to videos, such as Solarize, Posterize, Negative, and Sepia. Unfortunately, videos were plagued with jumpy frames, which broke up fluidity of motion—a classic trait on most phones. Overall, the Droid Incredible 2's camera was not the best we've seen, but it did the trick as long as we kept it in Auto Flash mode.

HTC Droid Incredible 2 – infoSync Diagnosis

The Incredible is back, and it is even more incredible than before. But does the HTC Droid Incredible 2 have what it takes to battle the Thunderbolt, Inspire 4G, G2x, Atrix 4G, and other hooligans of the Superphone persuasion? Not quite, but the HTC Incredible 2 proved itself as a quality overall phone.

It resides within the safe zone—HTC Sense and Android 2.2 give us a solid operating performance. The phone is faster and flaunts a nicer display, and we get a front-facing camera for video chat. The addition of 720p HD video recording and improved Wi-Fi rounds out the bill, and we'd say that the Droid Incredible 2 is a better phone than its predecessor.

Merely we actually think it descends to size. Users who desire a compact device will cast aside from the giant entertainment fireballs because they are plainly too big. The big doubt will be whether to get an iPhone 4 or Droid Incredible 2, since both are alike competitors in sizing and power. That comes down to personal orientation. It has a strike toss between the Incredible 2 and iPhone 4, therefore head into a Verizon Wireless store to play with both. Either way, you'll be happy with one of them.

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