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How to Install and Transfer .APK File - Android Tips

From: dankish

This is a simple guide I wrote to help you transfer and install .apk files on your phone using your USB cable. You can skip all of these steps and just email yourself the .apk files from your computer to your phone, but that is another guide as some email will not let you save to SD card or even open .apk files. You can try it if you don't have a USB cable but it may not work as simple as it sounds. You can also use a mini-SD adapter to plug into your computer. Ignore the second step if this is the case. If you need any help just ask! You can scan the QR code in the HELP! folder to directly send me a message (on demonoid)! Makes things a little easier!


FIRST make sure your SD card is in your phone and has space left on it (depending on the size of the .apk files you want to transfer).


The necessary steps start with a "-". Anything else is just information.

FIRST step:

-On your phone go to the Marketplace.

-Search for "AndroZip" and install. (it's free)

-Go back to your Home screen.

*Alternatively, if you have a barcode scanner that can read QR codes, (I prefer "Barcode Scanner" from "ZXing Team" which is free) you can scan the QR code image located in the HELP! folder from your phone and it will bring you to AndroZip on the Marketplace.*

*If you're not sure if the barcode scanner you currently have installed will work, just try it! If it doesn't scan QR codes, either use the first step to get AndroZip or download "Barcode Scanner" from "Team ZXing" in the Marketplace THEN you can scan the QR code in the HELP! folder. (scanning a QR code is just a shortcut, you DON'T HAVE TO use them at all!)*

SECOND step:

-Connect your phone to your computer.
-On your phone, go to your Notifications bar and tap "USB connected".
-Tap "Mount".

**You are now ready to copy .apk files from your computer to your phone.**

*Use the USB cable that came with your phone (most phones 'wall charger' cable will detach and become a USB cable), or use a "USB type A to mini-B cable".

*NOTE: I have heard some phones will only CHARGE with a 5-PIN mini-B, meaning you will need a 10-PIN mini-B. First check to see if your phone will SYNC/MOUNT with the cable you are using.*

THIRD step:

-Open your phones drive on your computer (it is normally named "Removable Disk (X:) where X is the letter of the drive such as E,F,G,H,I,J,K etc.

-Create a new folder inside this drive and call it "apps" or whatever you want.

-Copy the apps you like to the new folder you just created (drag & drop).

-Unplug the cable from your computer/phone OR go to your Notifications bar and tap "Turn off USB storage" then tap "Turn off" (sometimes your phone takes a while to prepare the SD card, so I suggest unplugging the phone)

FOURTH step:

-Open AndroZip (or whatever file manager you use) and open the "apps" directory you created.
-Tap the app you want and click "Install". (this is for AndroZip. on other file managers you might have to long tap on an app or something similar)

*THAT'S IT! You can now install as many apps as your phone can handle! (find out how much memory your phone has before going nuts and installing tons of apps)*

*NOTE: Make sure the permissions the app is requesting is relevant to the app itself. Example: If you are installing an alarm clock that only wakes you up, it doesn't always need access to your contacts,internet,make phone calls,etc... Some apps use internet to check for updates,download new content that's needed,FREE apps use internet for ad's,etc. For apps that want "phone identity", that often is used to send your phone model to help fix bugs. Some apps ask for a LOT of permissions such as "home screen" replacements, but most are safe. Google is your friend! If you think an app is malicious, Google it and find out or don't install it!*

FIFTH step (optional but recommended):

Support the apps that you like by buying/donating to the developers! (I buy or donate to the ones that I use frequently)

After all, without them getting paid for their hard work, we wouldn't have these great apps in the first place! Free apps won't get updated very often if the developer doesn't get donations, either! (some guys update their free apps without donations, but they will most likely have ad's in them which uses 3G/EDGE/WiFi and in turn can kill your battery faster and use your data plan if you don't have unlimited!)

Let's say you install and use 10 apps frequently, and each of them cost 1$.
If you support one or two of the developers, you are only paying 1-2$ which saved you 80-90% of the cost on the rest of the apps! It also helped them one or two developers for their hard work and helped make the app become better and better!
I'm sure you have heard the phrase "give a penny, take a penny". Use that as a rule of thumb here. If everyone does this same thing for their 10 apps for example, plenty of developers will be getting paid for their work! 1-2$ is chump change, and in turn for the very SMALL amount of money you used WE ALL will get back better apps! If you can't afford 1-2$ that is crazy! But at the same time I understand and have been broke as a joke myself and couldn't afford a pack of gum! (which is often cheaper than these apps!)

Do what you want, but giving some pocket change here and there goes a LONG way!
Remember, these developers aren't some huge company bringing in millions of dollars from sales. Most of them are just average people who are making apps to earn extra money, and some do it as a full time job! It isn't exactly the same as downloading music or movies!
Musicians make more than enough off of CD sales, concerts, appearances, etc. and most of us buy the CD's anyway.
Movie makers don't get screwed out of money because of us pirates... most of us still go to see it in iMax/3D or on a date, etc.
Just keep in mind that these guys deserve your pocket change. It isn't much for a lot! (not expensive for a lot of functionality)
You may say why release these apps? Well, some people can't even buy anything in the Marketplace from their Country. Some people want to try an app first that doesn't have a FREE version. And most of us will buy or donate to the apps we love. 



If this guide contains any 5p3llin6 or informational errors, I apologize as I typed this up in a jiffy!

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