Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sprint leaked spreadsheet shows ZTE V55 tablet

All right await what we bear present. A reference from us delivers this leaked out Sprint spreadsheet defining approximated launch dates on approaching devices. On the list: the latterly rumoured Samsung Conquer D600, which was postponed until 8/21, the MB855 (Motorola Photon 4G) for 7/31, and the Blackberries (Bold 3 8/21, 9850 8/21, and Curve 4 9/9).

Added down on the list, on that point are 2 newly add-ons. A device named “Sprint M650 Handset Kit,” which anticipates be the HUAWEI M650. It is slated to set up on 10/30, but only when time will tell if that beats.

At a lower place the M650 is additional storm. The ZTE V55 Tablet has been given an ETA of first quartern of 2012. Sprint’s been scarcely on imaginable tablet details, and so these could be something exceptional. Nothing is acknowledged about this device at the present moment. 3G/4G support is a theory. Normally, ZTE restrains itself to Chinese carriers, but it is tardily crawling into the US market.

Additional Motorola device shows up, too. The Motorola XT603 (MOT603KIT) came about WiFi certification, but no additional information is acknowledged. It's sealed with a 10/2 release date. This could be some other device from Motorola and Sprint’s new business partnership.

The LG LS700 vanished from our list. Antecedently, it was named under the Kyocera handsets, but now it has bypast MIA. Whether this stands for the LS700 was delayed or offset, we don't know. The LG LS700 was alleged to be the LG Optimus S Slider, not to be bemused with the latterly leaked out LG LS685.

Spreadsheet below:


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