Monday, August 22, 2011

Rooting HTC Inspire 4G the Simple Way

HTC Inspire 4G Photo

HTC_Inspire_4G_Simple_Root_S-OFF_RC1.exe (543mb)

- bumped to release canidate
- fixed bloat removal option
- merged run.bat and exploit.bat
no longer seperate windows
- double pause commands
2 pauses each time instead of one to combat rushing or accidental key presses
- slight name change
- slight ui change
- fixed typo in run.bat to remove PD98IMG after downgrade
- added gold card maker before one click
- removed music
- reduced quite a bit of mb from the program itself
- changed paypal button
- updated cooked rom to not include HSPA (seems to be slower for most) and to now include
rom manager and the latest Superuser.apk
- added "unknown sources" to the applications menu
can now install apks from the phone itself
- added clockwork recovery as the recovery.img in the cooked rom
pulled from koush's site
- various bug fixes and slight speed improvements

Update: RC2.EXE

Disclaimer: You take the risk of voiding your warranty by rooting your phone, and also assume the risk of breaking your phone beyond repair. This video is for educational purposes only and I, nor the creator of this program, can or will be held responsible for any/all damage from using this process.


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