Wednesday, August 24, 2011

iPhone 5 Release Date - October 2011

Theories and Speculations about the release date of this Upcoming Apple iPhone 5 will be soon on October 7 or October 14.

But Apple plans to begin pre-orders for their next-generation smartphone in the final days of September. The company has still not confirmed the pre-order start date, but is debating between Thursday, September 29th and Friday, September 30th. The 30th seems more likely at this point. According to 9to5mac

Apple is rumoured of creating two new iPhones for a unveiling; one as an upgrade to the iPhone 4 and one as a cheaper, potentially prepaid, addition to the Apple smartphone lineup. The ‘iPhone  5′, at least, will likely feature Apple’s dual-core A5 processor, an eight megapixel camera, and iOS 5. In addition, the new flagship mobile phone is expected to feature new software such as a powerful voice-based navigation system and other goodies like panorama photography capabilities. According to 9to5mac.

But this time around, this are just humors and speculations. Only Apple can tell us WHEN

Like this rumor' According to UK blog KitGuru, the iPhone 5 might not actually be released until March 2012.

Rumoured Specs: A rumor recently reported that one of the iPhone 5 features may include an integrated pico projector. A patent which was filed in August suggest that Apple has been working on a projector type feature on a cellphone for a while.

The iPhone 5 specs rumors show the Apple smartphone will include an 8MP camera, dual-core processor, and iOS 5. The expected iPhone 5 release date is sometime in late August or September (according to rumors), but since Apple has yet to confirm they are working on the iPhone 5, that time frame seems unlikely.

iPhone 5 Release Date Verizon: The leaked document shows the iPhone 4 with a 2 year contract will sport a tag price of $150. The new pricing is at least $50 cheaper than the current price of Verizon iPhone 4 and the brand new AT&T iPhone 4 too. The cheaper iPhone 4 CDMA is listed under “deals,” so we’re not sure if the new price tag will be the default pricing of the Verizon iPhone in the next coming weeks, knowing that aside from the iPhone 5, Verizon is also scheduled to sell its first dual-core LTE phone too, the Motorola Droid Bionic. According to Pop Herald

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