Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Secret Codes for Motorola Flare

Functionality Enablement

Following you'll find the procedure in order to get more menu's from your phone. But you don't just get more menu's, you'll get 99 more memories available, giving a total of 198 memories! These memories are stored in the phone, not in the SIM, which means you can store many more characters and numbers for each name.
Before you begin, take note that:

Make a note of your voicemail number! You may lose it during this! (don't worry, you can reprogramme it later).
You may need to use the master reset option to get outgoing DTMF going again after this.
All the menu's seem to be dependant on others being available, so if you just activate one, it will say not available
Lastly, p = a pause. ie, what you get when you hold down the * button for 3 seconds.
And then .... let's go !

First of all, press

ppp070p0p OK

You have just turned off the code that disables further changes. This seems to have been set in some phones.
Now enter:

ppp000p1p OK
ppp001p1p OK
ppp002p1p OK


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