Thursday, August 25, 2011

Facebook App for Android Phones - Download

Downlaod Facebook for your Android Mobile. An modernized user interface that nearly resembles the iPhone app, exhibits seven icons for your news feed, profile, friends, photos, message in-box, events like birthdays, and pending friend requests.

Below the icon dashboard is a photo reel that lets you swipe through thumbnails of friends' recently uploaded photos, although there's no context surrounding the image until you click through to your buddy's profile page. Even then, you won't be able to enlarge the image until you click again.

Start screen is also home to a notifications bar that slides up to share the latest news. Additionally, there are shortcut buttons for updating your status and searching your friend list or the global Facebook roster.

Share and stay connected with your friends and love-ones' with the Facebook application for Android.

Facebook for Android comes through at ease to stay connected and share with friends. Share status updates from your home screen, chat with your friends, check out your News Feed, review your upcoming Events, look at your friends’ walls and user info, check in to Places to get Deals, upload Photos, share links, check your Messages, and watch videos.

Free to Download link: GetJar

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