Monday, October 10, 2011

The Symphony of the Eternity Review and Download Links

This is the old school gaming at its best. A mixture of nostalgia and playability are held together by some excellent modern additions.

Almighty Kreist
The game tells the story of Kreist, an adventurous kind with a heart of gold, along with his friend Dauturu Golem is on a quest to Regratlute, a legendary stone that gives whoever holds the desire of his heart.

Dauturu Kreist and join in this effort Laishutia, a princess of the kingdom of Eashtend that at the beginning of the game, away to a coup by the skin of their teeth.

Kreist and guiding friends through volcanic badlands, views windswept and forest clearings, fighting ninja magic, evil plants, and the globules of green slime, gaining experience and money as you go.

Nostalgia Sleeves

The game is split between exploration and combat, but unlike other examples of the genre, the battles in the Symphony of Eternity are not random.

The creatures are represented on the map, allowing players to sneak cunning to them, or avoid conflict at all if it is running low on health.

The turn-based battles are controlled with a simple cross on the screen, which lets you choose the attacks, potions, postures, and special uses to fight his enemies.

It is a clean, streamlined works wonderfully well.

There are a lot of micro-management character beneath the surface, too.

A class system based on tablet allows each of the adventurers to learn new skills and roles, and the points awarded per level up can be assigned to different attributes.

The progression feels natural round, and the difficulty levels are managed by experts.

As the game progresses, the characters become individuals, which inevitably leads him to worry even more.

Above all this, the graphics and sound to add the nostalgic atmosphere. Symphony of Eternity is not afraid to wear its influences on its sleeve and the experience is even stronger for it.

New Classics

However, Symphony of Eternity is not without flaws.

The dial of the screen used to control a beast Kreist difficult to manage, which often takes the wrong way, and sometimes walks through enemies, turning what should have been a preemptive strike at an advantage for his enemies.

Despite these buts, the Symphony of Eternity is a great success.

Intuitive combat system is a pleasure, while the cast of attractive and interesting characters will keep you playing long into the night.

It is strange that a game so completely Skool age can be a breath of fresh air, but that's exactly what Symphony of Eternity is the following: a reinterpretation aimed at the dizzy heights of the games so lovingly apes.

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Summary: High quality JRPG Android (TM) user.

Download Instructions:

The Symphony of the Eternity download

Symphony of Eternity Version 1.0.3

Symphony of Eternity apk v1.0.9

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