Wednesday, October 19, 2011

GWK74 Android 2.3.7 update for the Nexus S 4G Download

Well, it seems that the group / team behind gingerbread really do not want to see this fantastic version of Android that were left behind and forgotten. Because of this, it was decided to begin deployment of what is probably one of the latest updates to Gingerbread, Android 2.3.7. OTAs received multiple devices to be pushed in a months. Needless to say, between then and now, roms of all sizes and colors have emerged from a ton of devices across the page, thanks to people like qbking77 XDA members decided to withdraw from the Device Update a friend . Among them, we can see roms and updates the new operating system in the Nexus S, Nexus One, SGS2, and some others.

Already roms from interest groups like ACS and cyanogen. Therefore, if you are anxious to have the latest of the last before goes out ICS (either as an escape, through eBay, or as an official update), you should do a quick search forum devices and see what you can find.

You can download the file here: Google Android

Samsung Nexus S 4G Stock ROM download links:

Downloads: (Most can also be found in ROM Manager)
GRJ06D Stock Rooted ROM (Odexed)
GRJ22 Stock Rooted ROM (Odexed) (DeOdexed)
GRJ90 Stock Rooted ROM (Odexed) (DeOdexed)
GWK74 Stock Rooted ROM (Odexed) (DeOdexed)
GRJ22 Software Images
GRJ22 from GRJ06D OTA
GRJ90 from GRJ22 OTA
GWK74 from GRJ90 OTA
D720SPRKD8 Radio
D720SPRKE5 Radio
D720SPRKE1 Radio
Tethering Fix For Android 2.3.5 ROMs




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