Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Orascom planning 3G Internet service in North Korea

Orascom Telecom plans to add Internet service to its range of 3G phones in North Korea under the Choson Exchange blog.

Writing in a post on Sunday, Geoffrey K. See, executive director and founder of the organization, says the service is being tested, but should be available in the near future. Information about the service came from a meeting with employees of Orascom in Pyongyang.

Initially available for foreign residents living in Pyongyang. So far there is no authorization for a broader service, even in form of censorship, for subscribers in North Korea. Orascom did not elaborate on the connection that are offered or security considerations.

The company owns a majority of 75 percent stake in Cheo technology, the 3G joint venture operator that provides the service under the "Koryolink" brand. The rest of the company is owned by the country Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

Mr See also current price ever: cell cost about 50 euros (U.S. $ 69) and a subscription for one month's basic costs ₩ 900, which is around U.S. $ 1 official exchange rate and less than half that in the street exchange rates. What is available for that core charge is unclear.More expensive subscriptions are also understood to be offered.


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