Wednesday, October 19, 2011

3G subscribers in China exceeded 100 million over 10% penetration

Ministry of Industry and Telecommunications Research Institute Director Cao Shumin
the Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute Cao Shumin in the "next generation of broadband mobile wireless communication forum," said the 3G market in China will usher in a flurry of development, from September, the 100 million home users in August 3G penetration of 3G subscribers has exceeded 10%. Cao Shumin, he said, according to international law, 10% is a market turning point, the user penetration rate exceeding 10%, the market will mark the beginning of accelerated development.

She also said that 1.9 months of this year, the domestic market of 3G mobile users added in the proportion of total users has more than 60%. Cao Shumin also describes the development of national smart phones, 340 have been added this year, smart phones, up 103% over the same period accounted for 10% of the total mobile market, which accounted for 80% of the Android smartphone more. From January to September, domestic production exceeded 70 million smart phones, the share of 22%, double that of last year.


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