Monday, October 10, 2011

Free Download Dolphin Browser HD 6.1 Android app

Dolphin had launched the beta version 6.1 that incorporates some interesting news. For a moment, is now available a new version of this browser wonderful, one of the best browsers Android, Dolphin Browser HD 6.1. This update comes with a lot of improvements, mainly Webzine and corrects several errors and bugs! Note that this is a beta, so hopefully the final version will come soon.
Dolphin HD browser for Android

Only a few days ago, the famous Dolphin browser has received an update to its final 6.1 version, which includes a number of new features, better enforcement and various bug fixes. Here all the details and download Dolphin Browser HD APK link below the post.

Dolphin HD Browser Features

Requires Android:2.0.1 and up

New logo (if the logo does not change after the upgrade, create a new shortcut on desktop).
Integration Webzine
Fixed issues with Asus transformer and Xoom Motorola
Fixed error with Google Images
Fixed other bugs

New Dolphin HD Browser 6.1

Removed "Sharing via browser Dolphin" by sharing a page with Gmail, Facebook, etc
Top of Twitter and added to the top of the column Webzine Media Search
Improves overall performance Webzine
Added option to clear the cache Webzine
Added an option to enable / disable image loading Webzine
Added option to save images Webzine
Change the way you scroll to see lists Webzine
User agent problem fixed in some devices.
Correction of errors in the page load on some devices.
Fixed more errors and bugs.

If you are interested in downloading HD 6.1.0 Dolphin Browser. It is now available for free through the Android Market. However, you can also download HD 6.1.0 Dolphin Browser Android APK from the following links. 

Download Dolphin Browser HD 6.1.0 Final zip
Download Dolphin Browser HD 6.1 Android APK
Download Free Dolphin Browser HD 6.1 APK


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