Sunday, October 9, 2011

Download Google+ (plus) App for Android Phones and free Invites

Google+ is only available for users 18 and older.

Real-life sharing rethought to the internet, where ever you might be.

Google+ for mobile phone can make sharing the best factors with all the right people a whole lot simpler.


Circles allow you to share the proper things with the ideal people.

Go to the stream to obtain updates through your circles or see what individuals say close by.

Instantaneous Upload automatically uploads videos and photos to one's own album on Google+, making sharing a snap.

Messenger is super-fast group messaging for everybody inside your circles.

Mobile Hangouts enables you to video chat with as many as 9 friends while you’re on the run.

For folks not living in the US and not able to download it off the Market, here it is.

Google+ is now beta and open for everyone. Google+ download and Invites - instant signup links

Thanks XDA Developers 


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