Thursday, October 27, 2011

Samsung launches First Dual Screen Android phone in Chinese market

Samsung bears an originative freshly handset hitting the Chinese market. The Samsung SCH-W999 is a large Android flip phone with two screens. It features  3.5-inch 480 x 800 AMOLED screen display, and the inside features another display of similar specifications. With the screen measuring 3.5 inches, the whole phone must be pretty big.

Along with that, there’s a 5 MP camera on board with an MSM8660 chip inside likely running at around 1.5 GHz. The W999 supports both GSM and CDMA wireless technology for a few added flexibleness, but comes along to be exclusive on China Telecom. It does run Android, but the version it ships with is unconfirmed at this point.


• Has two 3.5” S-AMOLED displays of WVGA resolution! That’s 7” of Screen estate for you.
• Runs on Froyo, Android 2.2
• 5 MP snapper, with a VGA video call camera, all with HD video recording
• 1 GHz Hummingbird processor
• 512 MB internal memory, expendable with microSD card
•  Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GPS
•  Supports CDMA as well as GSM bands
• Tri Band GSM and Single Band CDMA (For 3G)


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