Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nokia SABRE, windows phone with screen 3.5 inch LCD image

Nokia SABRE Photo leak?

Two perhaps and more will be the first windows smartphones that Nokia we expect to occur officially next week. Andy Lees mentioned in the AsianD Nokia would be launching more than one of Windows phone in London-based event on that said week, and the possibility that the prototype you see below could be presented with the Nokia 800 Sea Ray with screen 3.7 inch amoled and all will probably be the Nokia SABRE with the screen of 3.5 inch LCD. The Nokia SABRE rumoured that will integrate processor 1.4ghz , memory ram 1gb and camera 5 megapixel.

The price will not be alleged knife to its portfolio, as the source claims that cost between $ 410 and $ 480. Of course, there are less than a week before Nokia World begins and ends speculation, and we'll be there to deliver the blow by blow action as is the case.


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