Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sony pushes 'Life Space UX' interface that will change the window screen

Las Vegas - CES 2014, Sony 's Kaz Hirai has just released a modern interactive dream concept interface - "Life Space UX". The intention is to eliminate the boundaries of products and technologies between families. "If you can not disappear together, then across the traditional boundaries in science and technology with the family will be on this transition." Hirai says. In the demo, Hirai shows both sides of a window can be used as a display screen. "Imagine the impact of having a browsing experience, watch live sports on how wonderful it would be so much like a window screen." He explained.

Although the concept of this product is futuristic - but this product also has considerable practical significance. Sony will be officially released the first commercial on this product in the summer - Ultra Short Throw Projector. This is a close-up of the projector, priced from $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 can be filled with 147 inches of the wall, this projector can play 4k on a wall in your own home with HD resolution images, while the built-in dual speakers can provide users with a home theater-like experience. Meanwhile, the device is equipped with a distance sensor allows the user to interact with the interface, therein a common table can be transformed into a smart device having a touch screen. Such devices are also consistent with the objectives of Sony: Let household electronic devices become more interesting. "Home electronic devices should be able to feel our activities on smart devices," Hirai said. "For the consumer appliances in market position and letting the user experience, and which I am positive."

via: theverge


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