Sunday, January 5, 2014

Learn Java Programming Using Your Android Phones

For those who are interested to learn Java Programming by using only your android phones, Theworld2020 from xda-developers just posted in his thread the new app Java Guide.

According to him, This Guide will help you learn Java in just less than a month. You will learn from the base to the Advanced level with this guide.


Search options - It will use to find some particular keyword from the current page
Syntax - will help users to learn Java more effectively.
Example Coding - will help users to understand the language well

1. Java Basic
2. What is Programming?
Programming or coding is a language that is used by operating systems to perform the task. We know computer understands binary languages with digits 1s and 0s.
3. What is Java?
Java is a high-level object-oriented programming language developed by the Sun Microsystems. Though it is associated with the World Wide Web but it is older than the origin of Web.

Programming is definitely difficult to learn, but it is not impossible to learn. But, when you try this app you can learn the basics in just a few days.

You should definitely give this application a shot if you want to learn some basics about programming.


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