Friday, January 10, 2014

iPhone 6 will feature F1.8 large aperture lens - thinner body

Rumors have broke though, but primarily focused in the greater will be equipped with touch screen and so on. And now, the latest disclosures from the micro-blog says, Apple iPhone 6 on the camera configuration will also have an improvements and will use F1.8 large aperture lens, which means that the machine can get better shots in low light conditions.

Or with F1.8 large aperture lens

Although smart phones way of winning is a good user experience and a lot of applications, but also the photographic effect or many mobile phone manufacturers attention. However, compared to other brands that are upgraded in terms of camera pixels, the Apple iPhone is focused on improving the CMOS pixel size and uses a larger aperture area of the lens. According to the latest revelations TD home Weibo user, said the future of the next generation iPhone will use F1.8 large aperture lens, which is compared to the current Apple iPhone 5s which were equipped with a F2.2 aperture lens, there's been a further improvement, so that the camera's ability to collect light is enhanced, thereby improving the performance of low-light photo shooting.

Still, it is confusing whether the next generation of iPhone will be upgraded to a million-pixel sensor level, but considering the present iPhone 5s camera pixel size has been increased to 1.5 microns, so do not rule out the next-generation iPhone is still with 800-megapixel camera  after all. Apple upgraded the hardware is not very keen, better photographic effect seems is the main direction of the next generation iPhone.

Body only 6mm thick

Since as additional changes in the next generation of the iPhone, the current rumor is equipped with a large 4.7 inches touch screen, and features a full metal body design. Meanwhile news from the industry chain is also disclosed that the next generation iPhone will be using the processor's 20nm manufacturing process, most likely A8 processor, but Apple won't rule out the existing of A7 processor to 20nm processor technology for  possible improvements.


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